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Dec 29, 2000   Lutris Enhydra 3.5, a comprehensive Java™/XML application server for wired & wireless applications, is now available! Includes technologies from Motorola, Nokia, Pixo, Sun, Borland and RadView.
Dec 4, 2000   InstantDB 3.25 now available. Many bug fixes, performance enhancements and enhanced SQL support.
Dec 4, 2000   Motorola and Lutris team up to enable access to enterprise solutions from next-generation wireless phones.
Nov 29, 2000   New project - KXML, XML API for the Java KVM.
Nov 19, 2000 gets a new powerful search engine to help the community better locate information.
Nov 30, 2000   Beta 2 of Enhydra 3.1 now available!
Nov 17, 2000   French speaking Enhydra mail list created:
Nov 16, 2000   Lutris Technologies takes Enhydra to Vegas! Enhydra has its own both at Comdex showing off its leading wireless support to thousdands of visitors.
Nov 15, 2000   New from the Architecture Working Group: Enhydra Services based Architecture whitepaper and UML model.
Nov 1, 2000 gets a facelift. Over the next few weeks we will launch a number of new projects compatible with the family of Enhydra application servers. We will also be restructuring the main Enhydra project to allow easier participation.
Nov 1, 2000   New project! Mapper a cool toolkit and JBuilder Plugin for building applications more quickly. Mapper is written by Marty Phelan and was formerly hosted by SourceForge.
Nov 1, 2000   Not one, but two new projects! Osage<, written by George Stewart is a modern Object-to-relational mapping technology. It is based on the latest thinking by Scott Ambler. Perhaps the engine for BMP entity beans?

October 6, 2000 Solving Web Application Issues with Open Source Enhydra
July 31, 2000 From Lutris to SteelEye: Open Source in Middleware.
July 26, 2000 JavaPro Reader's Choice Awards: The Coders Have Spoken! Readers sound off about their favorite Java tools.
July 24, 2000   LinuxWorld: Still not addicted. Nick Petreley will attempt to explain why he loves Enhydra and hates Zope.
July 21, 2000   InfoWorld.Com: Arcane or not, Enhydra is a dream come true for the Java-loving servlet developer by Nicholas Petreley.
July 21, 2000 SuSE Linux Partners With Lutris Technologies to Further the Effectiveness of Linux in the Enterprise; Lutris Enhydra Application Server Enhances Power.
July 20, 2000   eBiz:: Enhydra Gets Enhanced Support
July 20, 2000   YahooBizNews: SuSE Linux Partners With Lutris Technologies to Further the Effectiveness of Linux in the Enterprise.
July 1, 2000   SoftwareTimes: Much A-Brew at JavaOne Conference--Sun's developer extravaganza overflowing with new products, alliances.
June 26, 2000   IBM Developer: Lutris named IBM's Developer of the week!
June 19, 2000   InformationWeek Online: Application Servers Fuel E-Business.
June 13, 2000   Business2.0: Open Source Policy--Many programmers are holding out for the day when ebusinesses can run using only open source products. A new standard may end the waiting.
June 5, 2000   Java Industry Connection: Open Source Wireless Developer Kit to Be Distributed at JavaOne Conference And Exhibition.

June 5, 2000

  LinuxDevices: The coming Java-Linux duopoly by Ganesh Prasad
June 2, 2000   Computer Reseller News: Java Gets Boost With New Products By Lutris, Allaire.
May 31, 2000   TechMetrix Research: E-business: Reshaping the Application Server Market
May 24, 2000   ZDnet: Open source is the right road to take. The technology makes it easier to fix flaws when they are found. By Timothy Dyck
May 18, 2000   WirelessDevNet: Serving Up WAP With Enhydra By Marc Robards
May 15, 2000   ChinaTimes: DigitalSesame focus on WAP and PDA; commits to Enhydra (In Chinese).
May 2, 2000   TechMetrix TrendMarkers: Open Source and Free Software Reports.
April 27, 2000   LinxProgramming: Enhydra 3.0 bringing XML and Java to Linux Development
April 15, 2000   InternetWorld: Build Or Buy, Revisited Open Source: Ready For Prime Time?
April 11, 2000   InfoWorld: Enhydra broaden e-biz options. Great review of Enhydra 3.0 standard edition, beta 2.
April 4, 2000   Inter@ctiveWeek: Server To Support , XML
April 3, 2000   Techmetrix.Research: Is Your E-business Strategy Ready for Wireless?
March 29, 2000   InfoWorld: Novell and Lutris offer two strong examples of e-business options in the enterprise
March 28, 2000   InfoWorld: Is Linux ready for e-commerce?
March 27, 2000 Lutris Technologies Unveils LUTRIS Enhydra 3.0
March 27, 2000   Inter@ctiveWeek Online: The New Open Source Frontier. Will relational database systems on the Web be the next frontier to yield to the push of open source code?
March 27, 2000   ZDnet: Where are the $$$ in Open Source? Some vendors think they finally have the answer, but will the numbers add up?
March 27, 2000   InternetWeek: Lutris Technologies next week will offer a fully supported version of Enhydra, its open-source XML/ application server.
March 27, 2000   NetWork World & InfoWorld: In its new edition, the Enhydra application server can now host wireless programs and run server-side code, changes that could make the offering a more attractive alternative to products from the likes of BEA Systems and IBM.
March 23, 2000   Computer Reseller News: Lutris Technologies Inc. unveiled IT support and documentation for Enhydra 3.0, the company's open-source /XML application server. .
March 23, 2000   NetworkWorld: Open source apps server embraces wireless Lutris Technologies' Enhydra 3.0 designed to handle complex Web applications.
March 20, 2000   Intraware: Open Source Notes By Justin Benson
March 17, 2000 Round Table topic * Linux: "Building A Viable Business With Open Source." Leader: Gillian Webster,VP of marketing for Lutris Technologies. Is it possible to build a business that can compete successfully by using open-source software as its foundation? Examine the cases of independent software vendors looking to distribute open-source software as well as user companies exploring open-source software for their technology infrastructure.
March 17, 2000 Buyer's Guide- Product Overview: Enhydra 2.2
March 17, 2000 TurboLinux is billed as "the fastest growing Open Source operating system," while Lutris calls Enhydra "the leading Open Source /XML application server." Together, the technologies allow users to create and deploy scalable e-business applications.
March 14, 2000   Linsider: Lutris and TurboLinux work together to promote the Open Source e-business platform. Lutris will provide support, training and professional services for Enhydra applications running on TurboLinux.
March 14, 2000 Lutris Technologies Inc., and TurboLinux Inc., announce joint effort to certify and distribute the Enhydra /XML for the TurboLinux operating system.
March 8, 2000   NewsAlert: Open Source Enhydra to be distributed at ApacheCon, bundled with April issue of Enterprise Linux Magazine.
March 8, 2000  

LinuxPR: Enhydra open source /XML application server available for First time on CD.

March 8, 2000  

News Now - Linux Developer:
Enhydra Open Source /XML Application Server Available for First Time on CD, Includes Inprise's JBuilder 3 Foundation

March 8, 2000   Developer Shed:
Open Source Enhydra to be distributed at ApacheCon, bundled with April issue of Enterprise Linux Magazine.
March 8, 2000
Enhydra open source /XML application server available for First time on CD.

March 2, 2000 ZDNet Reviews: ToolBox- Development Tools
February 12, 2000 Linux Developer: Enhydra Available With Red Hat Linux.
October 29, 1999 Network Computing & Information Week magazines review Enhydra and other leading application servers. "And in keeping with Enhydra's Open Source nature, improvements and new features come from real-world, grass-roots requirements, which should make Enhydra's future evolution close to user needs."
August 21, 1999 It's all over but the shouting!
Enhydra wins application server popularity Poll!

April 14, 1999 InfoWorld Electric & Network World Fusion: See "Open-source application server enters the fray" and "Consulting firm adds XML application server to open source movement" for the complete stories.
February 9, 1999
ServletCentral is the number one e-zine dedicated to the servlet industry. The February issue, Orbs, App Servers and Servlets, features an introductory Enhydra article.
Oct 18, 1999   Enhydra/EJB/ORB Initiative Announced joins forces with Open Source advocates Bullsoft and France Telecom to deliver an EJB engine in Enhydra
as the first step toward a full Java 2 Enterprise Edition™ (J2EE) platform. See full text.
Oct 6 , 1999 Leading Open Source Application Server from Lutris Available with Red Hat Linux
Enhydra and XMLC bundled with Official Red Hat Linux 6.1. See full text.
Aug 19, 1999 Enhydra 2.2 now available!
From Apache Jserv support to Microsoft ISAPI to all the contributions made by the Enhydra community, be sure to check out the latest and greatest. See this link for full text.
Aug 16, 1999 Enhydra Community Library Launched.
The Enhydra Team announces the Enhydra Community Library, a repository for Open Source Enhydra applications, components and tools. See this link for the full text.
Aug 9, 1999 Graphical Servlet Debugger Announced.
This is the worldwide release announcement of the Enhydra Servlet Debugger. See this link for the full text.
July 6, 1999 Official Release of Enhydra 2.1 Announced
This is the worldwide release announcement of Enhydra 2.1. See this link for the full text.
June 2 , 1999 Enhydra 2.1 Released.
This is the finished release of Enhydra 2.1. Extensible Markup Language Compiler (XMLC), support for JDK 1.2, and Apache JServ configuration information are the core new features.

XMLC allows Web applications to be more maintainable and supports the use of reusable HTML templates. Using the contributed work of fellow Open Source effort OpenXML (, the Enhydra XMLC compiler converts HTML documents into Java™ classes represented as DOM objects. This process lets developers easily isolate data application logic from interface design, improving collaboration between the developer and the interface designer. Download Enhydra 2.1 from the Downloads page.

May 17 , 1999 Enhydra 2.1 Beta 4 Released.
This is the final beta release for Enhydra 2.1. It includes OpenXML and XMLC fixes, and some bug fixes submitted from the mailing list.
Apr 23, 1999 Enhydra 2.1 Beta 3 Released.
This release includes the integration of OpenXML into XMLC and the addition of the automatic class reloading.
Mar 16, 1999 Enhydra 2.1 Beta 2 Released.
This release fixes an important bug in the processing of the SPAN tag. Download Beta 2 from the Downloads page.
Mar 9, 1999 Enhydra DODS Beta 3 is now available with contributed functionality and bugfixes by the Enhydra community.
Larry Wolcott added the ability to connect to an existing database and have DODS "design" the data objects to match what it sees in the database. A bug fix from Joel Boehland addresses the indexes in the DODS-generated code. Other fixes: various Swing GUI refresh bugs. Icons are gif files, so it compiles/runs under JDK 1.2
Mar 5, 1999 Enhydra XMLC Beta Release Now Available!
Today, a new Enhydra technology has been introduced in the form of a beta distribution. Enhydra XMLC (XML Compiler) is a completely new approach to designing and developing dynamic Web application presentations. Based on two Internet standards, XML and DOM from W3C ( and /XML), Enhydra XMLC addresses limitations to existing embedded language technologies, including Enhydra Jolt and JSP. [Details]
Feb 17, 1999 Enhydra 2.0.2 Released
Enhydra Java Application Server Version 2.0.2 released. This is a bug-fix release, including a fix address a security hole in the CGI servlet.. All 2.0.1 users should update. For further descriptions, visit the Bug Report page.
Feb 11 , 1999 Enhydra and SCO at LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose!
SCO will be giving away their SCO Unixware Open Source CD from their booth at LinuxWorld Expo, Mar 2-4, 1999. Included on the CD is Enhydra in both mountable file system and pkadd formats. Look for Enhydra folks milling about the SCO booth ;)
Feb 11 , 1999 Enhydra on SCO Unixware Open Source CD
Enhydra 2.0 will be available on the upcoming SCO UnixWare 7 Open Source Supplement (the CD formerly known as Skunkware). It will be freely included in the UnixWare 7 media kit, downloadable in pkgadd installable format via the SCO web site and available on CD off of SCO's Free Unix web site.
Feb 10, 1999 New Mail List Enhydra-Announce has been created. Subscribe now!
Feb 9, 1999 Mail List Archive page created
The Enhydra Web site now includes a page with archived mail discussions from the mailing list. This archive should be very useful for those who've recently discovered Enhydra and wish to ramp up on previous discussions.
Feb 9, 1999 T-shirt Bounty for Enhydra Stories
Help spread the word on how you are taking advantage of the Enhydra Open Source Java application server. Contributors to the Using Enhydra Stories page will receive the new Enhydra T-Shirt, currently under construction. [Details]
Feb 9, 1999 Jolt - Somebody's got a BEA under their bonnet.
Due to a potential legal conflict, is preparing to replace the Jolt name. is preparing a new distribution with the new replacement name for Jolt. Announcements will be made soon.
Jan 28, 1999 Enhydra 2.0.1 Released
Enhydra Java Application Server Version 2.0.1 released. This is a bug-fix release. All 2.0 users should update.
Jan 15, 1999 The Big Announcement
Enhydra.Org Announces Open Source Java Application Server
May, 1997 The Idea was born!
Lutris Technologies discovered a need for a Java application server to rapidly build and deploy the next generation of Internet applications. No commercial products existed at this time, so using the lessons learned from our earlier embedded Tcl engine, we built our own...

...we christened it Enhydra after the California sea otter (Enhydra Lutris) - a popular inhabitant of Santa Cruz.

News, Articles & Events: News Archive - Important events in the Enhydra community.

Making Waves Column - a regular and sometimes controversal editorial (by Brett McLaughlin).

Enhydra Events - Shows and seminars where you will find Enhydra exhibits.