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Enhydra, JOnAS EJB Server, and Jonathan ORB projects join forces

October 18, 1999 - The Enhydra team announces a joint effort with Open Source advocates BullSoft and France Telecom to deliver a complete, enterprise-class
application server. By combining BullSoft's JOnAS EJB server, France Telecom's Jonathan ORB and Enhydra, these Open Source sponsors are delivering a highly customizable Open Source application server that will scale the entire range of Internet applications - from embedded handheld devices to enterprise applications. The integration of an EJB engine in Enhydra is the first step toward a full 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform.

This initiative identifies strategic areas of technical cooperation and builds on the strengths of each contributing member. In addition, the project will leverage contributions and peer review by combining the large and rapidly growing community of developers from all three projects .

As announced to the Enhydra mailing list, we are planning to offer full EJB support in the Enhydra 3 release. This architecture will allow the business layer of an Enhydra application to be written with EJBs, while servlets are used for the presentation layer. To reach this goal, we are working closely with the JOnAS team (BullSoft) to integrate the JOnAS EJB server and tools into the Enhydra framework. JOnAS is a pure implementation of the EJB specification that provides:

  • Support of stateless and stateful Session Beans
  • Support of Entity Beans with either Bean Managed Persistence
    or Container Managed Persistence
  • Support of all the transaction attributes
  • Support of JTA 1.0.1
  • Distribution using RMI and naming using JNDI
  • implementation of a CORBA ORB.

The current Enhydra application model will continue to be supported and will benefit from the introduction of a robust EJB business layer.

The project has been kicked off with the creation of a branch to the Enhydra
source to integrate the JOnAS and Jonathan projects. You can find further
information and the EJB project mail list at:


Further information about JOnAS and Jonathan is available at:


Planned for Q1, 2000, Enhydra version 3 will integrate the JOnAS EJB server and Jonathan ORB. A Beta release will be available within the next several weeks from the EJB Project page.