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Known Bugs and Limitations
  • Doesn't understand the standard timstamp escape sequence.
  • Doesn't understand repeated single quotes '' or double quotes "" as a single character.
  • Doesn't support REPEATABLE_READ and READ_COMMITTED transaction isolation levels.
  • Only supports a single active results set per statement - This is in accordance with the JDBC™ specification. However some other drivers do support this.

Reporting Bugs

The easiest way to describe a possible bug in InstantDB is to provide a "sample" script that demonstrates the problem. Your problem will be given MUCH higher attention if it is accompanied by a sample script. sample.class is InstantDB's testing and scripting tool.

An example of a small sample script is shown below.

; load the idb driver and open the database "sample.prp"
d jdbc.idbDriver;
o jdbc:idb:sample.prp;

; dump SQL and results to "trace.log"

; start off a new thread executing another.txt
t another.txt;

; create a test table and insert a row
e DROP TABLE test1;
e CREATE TABLE test1 (
fullName CHAR(30));
e INSERT INTO test1 (fullname) VALUES ("fred");

; Do a select and dump results to console
q SELECT * FROM test1;

; create a prepared statement and then set and execute its parameters
p SELECT * FROM test1 WHERE ?=?;
s test1,1000;

c close;

A sample script is run by typing "java sample yourscript.txt" at the command line. You may find it useful to set appropriate trace bits to highlight the problem. For example, if it's a transaction or table locking problem, setting the SQL logging nad transaction bits may help:

e SET EXPORT "trace.log" TRACE 18 CONSOLE;

If you find that a sample script really isn't capable of illustrating the problem then try writing a small Java™ program that does. provides a handy template for writing short JDBC™ programs. It may be that the problem you are experiencing only becomes apparent when the database reaches a certain size. In this case it may be necessary to send your database as well. Please ensure that this is compressed using zip or jar. If the resultant archive is greater than 200K in size then please contact us in advance before forwarding the file. Check List

Try to include all of the following in your bug report:
  1. A short description of the problem (no more than one or two paragraphs).
  2. A sample script or Java™ program.
  3. Your database .prp file.
  4. If your script is not self contained (i.e. it does not create all of the tables required to illustrate the problem) then include a zipped or jarred archive of the database itself (if less than 200k only).
  5. What operating system are you using?
  6. Who's Java Virtual Machine™ are you using?
  7. What development environment are you using?
Please email any bug reports, comments or suggestions to: