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Who We Are is an open source infrastructure dedicated to supporting the efforts of the Enhydra community. The Enhydra community consists of numerous entities including community sponsors, technology providers, users, and of course developers.

The project today encomapasses a large range of projects much like the Apache organization. The mission of all of these projects is to provide a blanket of open source technologies for e-business. The founding belief was that Sun's Java programming language would become the de-facto language of Internet programming and thus all the projects found here are 100% Java. Since its inception, Enhydra has become accepted as a highly scalable and rubust e-business application server and today, thanks to the community, is poised to knock the expensive and proprietary commercial application servers off their perch much like Apache did for the Web server market! The pace is quickening... new projects are being added every couple of weeks, the number of active developers and contributers has swelled to many thousands, interest groups have formed in Japan, Germany, France, England, China, Tiawan and the US. And with the innovative new BEA/WebLogic busting, dynamically upgradable architecture for the J2EE Enhydra Enterprise platform the future looks bright!

The Web Site is sponsored by Lutris Technologies. Lutris is also a core technology provider for Enhydra. Lutris aims to broaden the knowledge of and participation in and welcomes all interested parties. Lutris Technologies develops commercial products and services that simplify the deployment of Enhydra. Please see for more information about these products and services.

A number of key Enhydra technologies are being contributed by commercial technology partners to the project, such as Evidian (formerly BullSoft) with their JOnAS EJB™ server, France Telecom's Jonathan ORB and RMI, and Plugged In Software’s Platypus Toolset. Many of these contributions are being incorporated into Enhydra Enterprise, which will offer full support for Sun's J2EE™ specification. Please visit our Partners area for more information on corporate contributors.

"Users" are the people who use the products of the Enhydra project. While those in this role aren't contributing code, they are using the products, reporting bugs, making feature requests, helping make the current Enhydra releases even better and helping us prioritize what needs to go into future releases.

Finally, of course we can never forget the hundreds of other developers (commonly called "contributors" in Open Source terminology) throughout the world that contribute to the ongoing success of Enhydra. Developers are the people who write code, documentation, patches or contribute positively to the project in other ways. A developer's contribution is always recognized in the source code base. The contributors are ultimately the people that have made Enhydra what it is today, and will continue to drive it forward in the future, proving once again that Open Source development models can truly produce world-class, closed-source beating products! See the Enhydra Hall of Fame for a partial list of contributors.

Whether you are a MIS professional, developer, user, provide Enhydra services or add-on products, or are interested in contributing to the development effort of Enhydra, we hope that you find what you need on this site. We welcome any suggestions for improvements — if you have some, please email

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Who We Are

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Credits - Other open source projects leveraged by Enhydra. Thanks guys!

Partners - Corporate sponsors of the effort.

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Did you know?

Enhydra Lutris is the scientific name for the California Sea Otter. To learn more about our favorite local colleague, visit the sea otter page from Monterey Bay Aquarium!