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InstantDB Community Library

Welcome to the InstantDB Community Library. The Library serves as a repository for InstantDB-related software, including reusable InstantDB applications, JavaTM utilities and tools for creating InstantDB applications.

Third Party Examples

admin - (offsite link) A nice Swing (JFC) based database administration tool by Fredy Fischer.
NLBean - (offsite link) A very interesting JavaTM bean by Mark Watson. Provides a natural language interface to relational databases.
Dbtool - (optional download) Lets you export both the contents and schema of a JDBCTM database. A very useful tool provided by Justin Luth.
DB2XML - (offsite link) Allows you to extract data from any relational database and store it in XML format. An essential tool for anyone dealing with RDBMS' and XML. Provided by Volker Turau.
Quotetool - (offsite link) Rule of Eight has written a free, simple QuoteTool package that takes care of the problem where quote characters are treated differently from one JDBCTM implementation to another.


Contributing to the Library

TheInstantDB team relies on your submissions to make the Community Library useful and dynamic. Instructions on how to upload example applications to the repository will be made available soon!