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Enhydra XMLC Beta Now Available.

A new Enhydra technology has been released as a major component of the Enhydra 2.1 Beta distribution. Enhydra XMLC (XML Compiler) supports a completely new approach to designing and developing dynamic Web application presentations. Based on two Internet standards, XML and DOM from W3C ( and /XML), Enhydra XMLC addresses limitations to existing embedded language technologies, including Enhydra Jolt and JSP.

Download the Enhydra 2.1 Beta from the Enhydra download page.

There are three sources for Enhydra XMLC information. The Enhydra GolfShop demo presentation has been migrated to Enhydra XMLC and provides an excellent example of how Enhydra XMLC can be used. It can be found in the Enhydra 2.1 Beta source distribution. Also, two documents are provided in the Enhydra Documentation Page:

Enhydra XMLC's significant improvements include:

  • Virtual elimination of the need to hand-edit HTML documents.
  • Every element of page documents is organized and manipulated as an object.
  • Minimizes the dependencies between HTML designer and engineer.
  • Supports complete freedom to choose best-of-breed HTML design editors.
  • Complete separation of flow of control from content.
  • Storyboards and mockups remain useful throughout the application's entire life cycle.

The capability of Enhydra XMLC goes well beyond presentation issues, setting the stage for an XML-enabled Enhydra. This topic and more will be addressed as part of the beta release. is preparing a series of Enhyra XMLC presentations.

We are very excited to contribute Enhydra XMLC and look forward to feedback from the Open Source community.