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Enhydra Community Contributions Library

Welcome to Enhydra Community Contributions Library. This Library serves as the primary repository for Enhydra-related software, including reusable Enhydra applications, Java™ utilities and tools for creating Enhydra applications.

Each project also has their independent community repository and publicly writable incoming directory. If you can't find something here, check the associated projects as well.

FTP access to the entire tree is read-only, with one special exception, the /incoming directory. You can upload patches, documents, or other contributions to your project's /incoming directory. The primary enhydra incoming directory is here.

We do recommend that you include a readme with you contribution that states the purpose and Enhydra version compatability. To find out how to become a project committer, read up on how to get involved, or see the individual project pages.

To aid organisation, we have created the following top level directories. These directories only cover the main Enhydra project; each project has its own contributor section and incoming directory.

Platform Patches    (HTTP view)
Patches and bug-fixes to Enhydra platform releases.

Reusable Enhydra Applications    (HTTP view)
Complete and Open Source Enhydra applications that can be used directly, integrated with your applications or used as a starting point for a new project.

Java™ Utilities    (HTTP view)
Here you will find useful Java™ classes that can be used within Enhydra applications. These utilities were created by programmers, for programmers to avoid reinventing the proverbial wheel.

Tools     (HTTP view)
Third-party tools for creating Enhydra applications. Look here for wonderful half-baked gems from the Open Source community.

Documentation     (HTTP view)
Here you will find useful bits of documentation, reference, tutorial, how-to, and example code.

Contributing to the Library

The Enhydra community relies on your  submissions to make the Community Library useful and dynamic. Please upload contributed code to your project's incoming directory (but please read the Submission Guidelines first!)