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Welcome to Making Waves!

Now that Enhydra is showing up everywhere, Lutris Technologies, the founder and sponsor of Enhydra and Enhydra.org, wants to take the gloves off and offer real opinion on technology and business to the fast-moving Enhydra community. Making Waves is a regular column authored by Enhydra luminaries. It is an example of new content available from Lutris Technologies in the Lutris Newsletter.

The Lutris Newsletter is an new on-line publication for both the technical and business community interested in the latest strategies, tips & tricks, opinions and insights.

Topics for various articles will address:

  • Strategies for HTML designers using XMLC
  • How we bootstrapped our eBusiness with an Enhydra deployment
  • Design strategy for WML and HTML presentations
  • Enhydra Enterprise (J2EE™) for the ASP
  • XSL versus XMLC
  • Advice for the PHP/Perl migratory folks

This newsletter is published monthly, and features authors from the Enhydra community, including Lutris developers and, hopefully, many of you. To receive the Lutris Newsletter, you must register here.

If you are interested in contributing an article of valuable Enhydra insight, of a technical, creative or business nature, please send mail describing your proposed article to David Young, Enhydra Evangelist.

Now... Take me to this month's Making Waves article!

News, Articles & Events:

Enhydra.org News Archive - Important events in the Enhydra community.

Making Waves Column - a regular and sometimes controversal editorial (by Brett McLaughlin).

Enhydra Events - Shows and seminars where you will find Enhydra exhibits.

Feature Article:
Zeus, Data Binding, and You
by Brett McLaughlin

What I Got for Christmas
by Brett McLaughlin

by Brett McLaughlin

"Open Source Guy" and the Enhydra Community Process
by Brett McLaughlin

Beg, Borrow, and Steal: Why Open Source is the only choice
by Brett McLaughlin