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This section of is dedicated to supporting the Enhydra community. This is the place where you can find out what is going on with Enhydra in both the open source community and in the commercial world!
  • operates a few demo applications to whet your appetite. Nothing spectacular, but enough to illustrate some of Enhydra's cool features.
  • In the contributions section you can find lots of donated code, application components, guides and tutorals to help get you started with your project. This area is mapped to the Enhydra ftp site so you can freely upload your contributions.
  • If you can't find what you are looking for on and you have tried our cool search engine, then take a look in the resources section
  • . Here you will find book recommendations, quick links to related open source projects, Enhydra events and special guides on using Enhydra in cutting edge solutions such as wireless.
  • In case studies we like to show off Enhydra powered sites and give them a permanent place in the spotlight. If you know of more, email us.
  • Need a commercially supported and packaged version of Enhydra? Need expert Enhydra consultants to help with a large project? Need to host an Enhydra application? commercial vendors is the place you can find out about them.
If you have any more suggestions of what you would like us to do to support the Enhydra community, please email us!