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8 February, 2001

InstantDBLatest InstantDB Release!
Download the latest release, version 3.26. This release includes support for transaction isolation levels, improved ScriptTool support, new database properties, new parameters, bug fixes, and full documentation.
Download InstantDB!

18 April, 2000

Welcome to The New Home of InstantDB
InstantDB has joined the Enhydra Open Source enterprise software family. Enhydra, and now InstantDB, is sponsored by Lutris Technologies, an innovative Open Source enterprise software and services company based in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Enhydra is an all Java application server with industry-leading XML support. As part of coming into the Enhydra family, InstantDB will eventually be released to the Open Source.


What is InstantDB?

InstantDB is an all Java, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Features supported include joins, transactions, triggers, subselects, table aliasing and much, much more that you wouldn't normally expect to find in a free RDBMS. Since its launch in July 1997, InstantDB has been adopted by thousands of internet and database developers around the world. It is small, efficient, easy to install, and comes with lots of examples to help get the novice developer started. InstantDB is accessed via its own JDBC™ driver. By using standard SQL and Sun's JDBC API, InstantDB ensures that your applications enjoy a high degree of portability.

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  Peter Hearty (Chair)
  Josh Sugnet
  Christophe Ney