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Enhydra and XMLC bundled with Official Red Hat Linux 6.1

Santa Cruz, Calif., October 6, 1999.  Lutris Technologies today announced the inclusion of Enhydra, the most widely deployed Open Source /XML Application Server, on the Red Hat Application CD that ships with Official Red Hat Linux 6.1. Enhydra 2.2, is an Open Source application server that includes XMLC, eXtensible Markup Language Compiler. XMLC is a development tool that uses the popular Internet standards, XML and Document Object Model (DOM), for the creation of dynamic Web applications. Red Hat is the first commercial vendor to distribute Enhydra.

Open Source software is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of the Internet.  Linux is the number one Internet server operating system.  Apache is the number one Web server.  Sendmail is the number one mail-transfer program.  Other key pieces such as Perl, BIND, CVS, and Tcl/Tk are also Open Source.  One critical component has been missing for a complete Internet Open Source software platform: a /XML application server.  Enhydra is this last piece to the puzzle.  It is now possible to build a complete Open Source-based, N-tier Internet application that can meet the needs of the smallest company up to mission-critical application in the Global 2000.

"Enhydra has rapidly become the leading Open Source application server. It is deployed in thousands of applications around the world and has an established and active development community. Bundling Enhydra with Red Hat delivers on our vision of providing a complete Internet server platform to the Open Source community," said Yancy Lind, president and CEO of Lutris Technologies. "Enhydra and Red Hat deliver a powerful combination to developers delivering commercial Web applications."

"We came to the conclusion that Enhydra and Linux are the best choices for Web-based application development. Open Source software promotes reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code," said David Wood, technical director, Plugged In Software, a leading developer of custom commercial software in Australia and New Zealand. "The combination of Enhydra and Red Hat Linux is a complete, adaptable environment for developers."

About Enhydra
Enhydra is a 100% application server with industry-leading XML support. Enhydra was released to the Open Source community on January 15, 1999. Since that time, Enhydra has become the dominant Open Source application server and, has been visited by over 80,000 users resulting in more than 11,000 downloads. Hundreds of independent developers are actively contributing to Enhydra. Web projects leveraging Enhydra are underway worldwide by IT departments, Internet consultants, and start-up companies. Enhydra supports Unix, Linux, Windows and NT, as well as industry-dominant Web servers including Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server and Microsoft IIS. The only platform requirement is the presence of Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.1.6 or higher. 

The Official Red Hat Linux 6.1 box set will be available October 18, 1999. In addition, Enhydra 2.2 runtime and source code is free and may be downloaded from On-line demonstrations, documentation, and FAQs are provided for quick evaluation.

About Lutris Technologies
Lutris Technologies is the original developer and primary sponsor of Enhydra (, the industry's dominant Open Source /XML application server.  Lutris provides a forum and maintains the infrastructure for the Enhydra development community, a rapidly growing group of developers from around the world who have adopted Enhydra as the basis for a broad range of Internet projects and applications.

Lutris is also an Internet professional services company providing strategy and development services to the Enhydra community as well as Internet-savvy businesses. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and companies launching new Web ventures to IT organizations growing their business with an online
presence. Time to market is critical in every case


Lutris is a registered trademark of Lutris Technologies. Enhydra, and XMLC are trademarks of Lutris Technologies. LINUX is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. RED HAT is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.