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Enhydra Training Services

Lutris Technologies
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 471-9753

Lutris is the premier provider of Enhydra-based support and professional services. Participants in Lutris Education Services benefit from our collective experience, gained through architecting and implementing dozens of innovative Enhydra-based eBusiness solutions for a diverse customer base. In this unique position we provide students with the most up-to-date and comprehensive Enhydra information and training available.

Current classes include:

Lutris Enhydra Fundamentals: Learn about Enhydra through interactive participation in an expert-led class that includes intensive, hands-on lab experience and culminates in the creation of your own Enhydra application.

Building Wireless Applications with Lutris Enhydra: A hands-on lab and lecture program, this course teaches participants to: configure the Enhydra design time tools to handle WML (wireless markup language) targets; create WML presentation objects; test the application with a wireless emulator and deploy the completed application to a Web server. Topics include discussions on using WAP and WML within the Enhydra application framework.

Database Techniques with Lutris Enhydra: Participants use Lutris Enhydra and the Enhydra tools to create and maintain a database schema and perform common database-related activities such as using calculated fields, creating lookup fields, designing master detail output, configuring and maintaining simple referential integrity rules, and writing code to ensure cascading deletes in underlying data. In addition, participants learn to manage multiple database connections and participate in a detailed discussion of basic database performance tuning issues.

Learn more about Lutris Education Service offerings by visiting

Bertrand Delacrétaz, codeconsult
Cugy s/Lausanne, Switzerland
phone +41 21 731-5681
fax +41 21 731-5682

Consulting (architecture and implementation issues) for enhydra-based systems, including project auditing and re-engineering. Also provide programmer mentoring in java,C++,enhydra,Swing,RMI,XML, and digital audio. All services can be provided in french or german as well as english.

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