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Commercial Enhydra Products

Lutris Enhydra

Lutris Technologies
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 471-9753

Lutris Technologies delivers commercially packaged and supported products based on the Enhydra open source project. Some of the key benefits that you will find in Lutris Enhydra that are not available from the open source Enhydra project:

  • Commercially packaged, tested, and certified under a wide range of platforms.
  • Comprehensive documentation for developing Enhydra applications, including the Getting Started Guide, Developer's Guide and Wireless Application Developmer's Guide.
  • A suite of valuable third party software is included on the Lutris Enhydra CD, including Borland JBuilder, Forte for Java, InstantDB and PostgreSQL.
  • Lutris Enhydra includes free 15-day installation support, online access to product and documentation updates, and optional availability of the Lutris Enhydra knowledgebase, technical support, and training classes.
  • Comprehensive support for developing wireless applications:
    • The Wireless Application Developer's provides an introductory overview of wireless technology and devices and drills into the issues involved in designing and developing wireless applications with Lutris Enhydra.
    • The AirSent application is a field dispatch and delivery sample application that shows how a single application can support HTML, Flash, WML (WAP), cHTML (i-mode), XHTML, and J2ME clients.
    • Bundled third party wireless tools and emulators to speed wireless development, including WebLoad by WebGain (HTML and WML Load testing), WAPtor WML Editor, and device emulators by Sun and Motorola (J2ME), Pixo (cHTML/i-mode), Nokia and YoSpace (WML).
    • A sample application and documentation showing how to add a voice interface using VoiceXML to Enhydra applications.
    • Comprehensive Web Mail demo application, EnhydraMail, with HTML and WML clients.

Additional Enhydra support, training, and consulting services are also available from Lutris Technologies.

3rd Party Add-ons


Coldjava develops web-components on the base of Java servlets. The main product is Java Servlets Office Suite (JSOS). This product is a collection of Java servlets 'out-of-the-box,' ready to be used for building web-pages. JSOS plays the same role as a set of CGI scripts and can be used by webmasters for adding dynamic capabilities to their sites. JSOS components are like Lego blocks and can be used for fast assembling internet/intranet sites. JSOS has a rich set of servlets such as Message Board, Chat, File Manager, Calendar and many others, which can be used instead of CGI scripts to build your site.

According to Coldjava, they are the largest collection of Java servlets over the Net at this time. JSOS was tested with Enhydra 3.0 and supports WAP/WML. JSOS works with any servlets engine that supports version 2.0 or higher of the servlets specification, so it is very compatible with Enhydra (Java Servlets API 2.2).
You can get more information about Coldjava and their products at


The Platypus Toolset, by Plugged In Software, consists of code generation tools that speed the Web application development cycle. The toolset is meant to generate code compatible with Enhydra, the leading Open Source application server. Using the Platypus Toolset, Web developers can generate the majority of code for an application from hypertext markup language (HTML) pages, simple configuration files and a database schema. The combination of the Platypus Toolset and the Enhydra application server allows developers to rapidly create scalable Web-based business applications.

Forte For Java/Community Edition

Forte for Java, Community Edition delivers a comprehensive development solution for the Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE™), providing a complete and secure foundation for building and deploying network-centric applications. Through its extensive support of open standards, Forte for Java, Community Edition enables development on any Java virtual machine and just about any environment, including the Solaris™ Operating Environment, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Open Object-Oriented Architecture

JBuilder - Pure Java™ Distributed Application Development

JBuilder(tm) 4.0 is the most comprehensive set of award-winning visual development tools for building Pure Java applications, applets, JSP/Servlets™, JavaBeans™, EJB™ and distributed CORBAŽ applications for the Java 2 Platform. With JBuilder 4, developers rapidly deliver a full spectrum of platform independent solutions, from applets to applications. Whether you need mission-critical enterprise-wide distributed Internet solutions or networked database and client/server connectivity, JBuilder's open, scalable, and standards-based development environment shortens your time-to-market for Java applications

Thought, Inc.

Thought Inc.'s CocoBase Enterprise O/R provides a powerful solution for bridging the fault between Objects and your RDBMS. The CocoBase technology is based on landmark patents issued to THOUGHT Inc. for Repository based Object Mapping, and is the technology and product leader in the Java space. Having the oldest, most mature complete and stable product with over 3 years of product availability, CocoBase is in a class by itself in terms of Object to Relational Mapping. Not only did we invent Repository based Object Mapping, but we built a system on it that actually is more efficient than static solutions, making it a necessity for any Java Enterprise Component Developer.

Tower Technology

TowerJ is setting the standard for deploying Java based e-Business server applications. The current release of TowerJ, with support for Java 2, is the only Java deployment solution that delivers high levels of performance, scalability, manageability, reliability and security across eight different server platforms. Free evaluation copies of TowerJ are available to qualified organizations.

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