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Enhydra Creative Services

Lutris Technologies
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 471-9753

Lutris Creative is the leader in designing world class interfaces using XMLC and Enhydra.

- letting our work speak for us.

corporate identity & branding
- giving your business it's voice.

It is a simple formula really. Branding builds or destroys a business. Brand gives business more leverage than any other asset - it is more powerful than patented technologies or exclusive knowledge. It is crucial that your company's brand is given solid direction and design. After all, your brand reflects the soul of your business.

Corporate identity is powerful shorthand for your brand . It conveys personality, message, and vision in one easily digestible bite. Our mission is to craft an identity that is flexible, timeless, distinctive, and easily recognized everywhere people encounter it.


  • logo design
  • corporate identity systems
  • interface and print design
  • photography

interactive media
- building customer loyalty.

Every company faces unique challenges and opportunities. At Lutris we kick-off each project by simply taking the time to listen to our clients. By exploring the audience first and building the interface second, we can create a tailor-made site that not only provides a memorable experience but also creates lasting product loyalty by user-centric interface.


For more information about any of our creative services, call 831/460-7314 or email us

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