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Evidian and France Telecom R&D

The Enhydra team is partnering with Open Source advocates Evidian (formerly Bullsoft) and France Telecom to deliver a complete, enterprise-class application server. By combining Evidian's JOnAS EJB™ server, France Telecom's Jonathan ORB and Enhydra, these Open Source sponsors are delivering a highly customizable Open Source application server that will scale the entire range of Internet applications - from embedded handheld devices to enterprise applications. The integration of an EJB™ engine in Enhydra is the first step toward a full Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) platform.

Evidian (formerly BullSoft)

Evidian, a subsidiary of Groupe Bull, is an Internet-focused software company that enables customers to successfully deploy e-business strategies. Based in Billerica, Mass., USA, Evidian has research and development, sales and marketing operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The pervasive growth of Internet computing and e-business economy is challenging organizations worldwide to develop new operational strategies for sustained profitable growth. Evidian's secure e-infrastructure management products and services help customers do business with full confidence in this new Net Economy.

Evidian's products integrate scores of applications developed in-house and by leading industry partners. Evidian also plays an active role in industry-wide R&D standards initiatives, including Java-related projects such as EJB, J2EE and JMX; the DMTF; PKI Forum and TeleManagement Forum.

On July 1, 2000, BullSoft, Bull's worldwide software division, became a separate company, Evidian, under Bull majority ownership, For historical acuracy, we have maintained the BullSoft name in online copies of press releases, articles, etc., published before that date.

France Telecom

France Telecom is one of the world's leading telephone carriers, with activities in over 75 countries. This puts France Telecom in a good position to know that no two markets are identical. And that listening to the particular needs of their clients, and adapting to the differing constraints and opportunities of each project they undertake for them is crucial. Which is why France Telecom is uniquely organized to be as flexible and reactive as possible. So as to share its expertise with customers, business clients and partners, to advance their projects and - just maybe - make worldwide communications a little better.

In order to become a leading European full-service telecommunications operator, France Telecom is actively investing in alternative carriers, mobile services, business solutions and network infrastructure. In most countries, France Telecom's investments are conducted with a view to establish integrated wireless /wireline/Internet carriers. Only in this way can they meet users' needs and take full advantage of the growth potential in the European telecommunications market.

Plugged In Software

Plugged In specializes in the development of business-to-business e-commerce systems on the Java/Enhydra platform. Plugged In also provides commercial support for Enhydra installations for customers in the Australia and New Zealand region. In addition, Plugged In Software is the developer of Platypus, an Open Source Rapid Application Development tool set for building Enhydra applications.

DigitalSesame (formerly Topware Technology)

DigitalSesame is an Taiwanese Internet professional service company specializing in developing sites with multiple devices access including Web, WAP, PDA and IA. Their services including creative design, architecting, development, deployment and training. DigitalSesame has significantly contributed to Enhydra with both multibyte character output and WML support. Currently Digitalsesame is working on BSF(Bean Scripting open source project released by IBM) integration to provide JavaScript and TCL scripting support for Enhydra.

Lutris Technologies

Lutris Technologies is the original contributor of Enhydra to the Open Source community. This commercial grade Open Source Java™ application server, including Enhydra source code, demo applications, run-time server and development tools, is available for free download and virtually unrestricted use. Lutris believes this development brings great value to our existing customers as well as to the Open Source community in general.

Lutris is committed to making Open Source software the first choice for markets where software reliability is critical, including enterprise e-business applications. In partnership with Open Source developers, Lutris wants to help set the standard by which all software will one day be judged.

The Enhydra application server is an excellent example of the power behind the Open Source business model. By providing the services and supporting products that make Enhydra the application server of choice, and enable it to out-perform closed source application servers, Lutris is playing an important role in accomplishing the goal of establishing Open Source market leaders.

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