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Enhydra Hall of Fame

The Enhydra Hall of Fame is dedicated to those contributing developers that make Enhydra what it is! Listings are in no specific order.

If you donšt see your name on this list, and are a regular contributor, please excuse our omission and email Partners@Enhydra.org.

David Li

David Li is the CEO of DigitalSesame.

When DigitalSesame (formerly known as Topware Technology) was investigating application server platforms in early 1999, we discovered Enhydra. We have since been developing applications on, as well as extensions to, Enhydra.

The most noticeable contributions to the community are multi-byte language encoding support, a WML extension to Enhydra, an extension to DbGen for generation of DOs from existing RDBM tables, and several other bug fixes. The current Enhydra projects under development by DigitalSesame and I are scripting extensions, CHTML support, and a couple of other interesting things.

When I am not wearing a suit and tie attending meetings as a CEO, I spend late nights hacking stuff, including Enhydra.

Jim Caley

Jim works for Graco Children's Products, where he develops systems to automate the production, management, and exchange of CAD data used in product design. In the course of his work, he makes heavy use of Java, Perl, and web technology.

While investigating ways to speed development of an intranet-based product data management system, Jim began looking into Enhydra. To gain familiarity with it he created a simple application by adapting an existing Microsoft Access-based Enhydra tutorial to work with PostgreSQL on Linux. After adding some input from Lutris' Peter Darrah, this PostgreSQL-oriented tutorial was posted on the Enhydra web site.

At home, in southeastern Pennsylvania, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. When he travels his top priority is usually seeking out new Tex-Mex restaurants.

David Wood

David leads application development work at Plugged In. In his eclectic career he has been a ship's navigator, deep sea salvage engineer and aerospace project manager for the US Navy and consulted to Netscape Communications and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. David enjoys hiking and sailing with his wonderful wife and trying to teach his two-year old Perl. David holds degrees in astronautical, aeronautical, electrical and mechanical engineering from the US Naval Postgraduate School and the Virginia Military Institute.

David is a strong supporter of Open Source software, and is the primary author and maintainer of the Linux SMB HOWTO. He joins the rest of Plugged In's development team in contributing to the Enhydra project. In 1999, O'Reilly & Associates published his book, Programming Internet E-mail.

David's Enhydra activities include: Co-wrote the XMLC tutorial; - Contributed DODS GUI updates; - Worked with others at Plugged In to develop and release Platypus under an Open Source license; - Developed several large Enhydra applications for customers in Australia; - Now working on SNMP extensions for Enhydra based on a JMX implementation.

Ole Arndt

Ole started as a software developer and student at opus5.

"I 'discovered' Enhydra for opus5 while researching Java™ Application servers for my diploma thesis. I used Enhydra for an implementation of a personalized newsletter/forum application, which was part of my thesis. The thesis subject was titled (bad translation): 'NewsOMatic - New Technologies in Web Application Development - shown by implementation of a personalized Newsletter/Forum'."

For this project Ole rewrote the complete DODS base classes. This work has never been released back to Enhydra.org. At the time Ole was busy with exams, since than DODS has gone through many changes and Ole's work is only compatible with older version of DODS.

"I finally got my 'Dipl. Inf.' and moved on to new frontiers. I am now working at the game development company Massive Development, coding the network layer for multiplayer games. Published Enhydra development includes: Integration of PostgresSQL Database Support. Some Fixes in the database layer. Administration of the opus5 Enhydra web site mirror."

Richard Kunze

I discovered Enhydra in early 1999, searching for a Java application server, and have sucessfully used Enhydra and especially XMLC in a number of projects since.

Over time, I contributed a number of minor feature additions like regexp based URL rewriting for XMLC (together with David Li), URL rewriting for session handling, and the MaxConnReuse config file parameter for database connections; as well as a number of bug fixes (mostly for bugs triggered by my doing something weird to Enhydra).

I spent some time on tweaking XMLC to do more in the way of compile-time checking of *ML pages and to allow for greater flexibility in specifying page interfaces. Although these changes did not make it into the mainstream distribution, discussing them with Mark Diekhans led to Mark implementing the same functionality, but much cleaner than my hack.

Currently, I am working for Tivano Software, an internet technology consulting agency located near Frankfurt, Germany.

Larry Wolcott

Claim to Fame: I was first introduced to Enhydra 2 months before the Enhydra.org site was launched when I participated in the "pre alpha" look at Enhydra. As far as I know, I was the pioneer for Enhydra running on AS/400 and Netware 5 server platforms. I have also worked with Jay Gunther on early development of the DODS product, including contribution of some neat, functional, proof-of-concept code. At the time, I was acting as the Manager of Technologies for HuffySports (a Huffy division). Since then, I have relocated to the Colorado Rockies, DTC (Denver Tech Center) where I am doing Java™ distributed application consulting, which naturally includes Enhydra. Among my other small contributions to the Enhydra community, I am mostly recognized for my contribution of the "EnhyDraw" demo application. This was the first functional demo to use bona-fide DODS objects, as well as make extensive use of JavaScript™ and totally cool graphics from Mr. Daryl Tempesta of Lutris Technologies.

Larry's new site, ZenHydra, is dedicated to the Enhydra bolt-on technology called 'The Zen Project', which is a multi-faceted suite of object technologies and framework. The Zen Project is a toolkit that provides Application Service Providers (ASP's) a robust framework to deliver pure Swing applications seamlessly via the web.

Frederik Dahlke

Claim to Fame: As soon as our team realized the capabilites of Enhydra/XMLC, we chose to develop our present project with Enhydra 2.0. By that time, I had been working with Enhydra on a couple of projects as a software developer, and project manager. I made some bugfixes in the database layer in the very early Enhydra versions. Right before Enhydra Director was finished, I enabled an Enhydra 2.3 version to work with the loaddistribution capabilities of JServ. You can get my library for handling MultipartRequests (which enables you to upload files) from ftp.enhydra.org.

Currently working at: Tivano Software, a internet technology consulting agency located near Frankfurt, Germany.

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