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Enhydra User: Conceptual Integrity

"Our Java developers had built servlet-based web apps before, but as of mid-April 2000, none of us had experience with application servers or wireless technology.Thanks to Enhydra, It's now mid-June and we have a working demo application supporting web browsers, WAP phones and Palm devices. We've already used this demo to generate significant business. A large part of the credit goes to the high quality of the Enhydra product and the excellent support we receive from the Enhydra community. The Enhydra architecture is so logical and the tools work so well that we were able to start building useful software in record time."
Walter Boggs, Software Engineer
Conceptual Integrity

Enhydra User:

"The combination of Enhydra's structured architecture and open source code has made this the most trouble-free software I have ever worked with."
Ian Costanzo

Enhydra User: FedEx

"Speaking as someone who started writing plain servlets and moved to Enhydra, I can tell you that many of Enhydra's features are things that you will start to realize you "need". At the point when I started writing things like a framework for HTML templates (to separate business logic from presentation), I realized that someone must have already done this for me. That's what lead me to Enhydra. With something like Enhydra available, it would be counter productive to create your own servlets from scratch. Lutris has not only done a lot of the work for you, but they've done it in such a way that you can extend it if it doesn't exactly meet your needs."
Chad Fowler
Software Engineer, FedEx

Enhydra User: Huffy Sports

"Huffy's international growth introduces a necessity to present applications to a growing number of consumers using an ever growing variety of platforms. In a truly diverse network of clients and servers around the world, the only thing here at Huffy that I can count on is the fact that each and every seat is IP connected and Java™/browser enabled. It is simply a logical progression to reshape our application development model from a traditional [fat client] Visual Basic client/server deployment, to a more accommodating Internet based multi-tier Java model. The Enhydra application server meets every one of these application needs. Secondly, there are the added benefits of having a responsive Open Source community for a wealth of expertise and support."
Larry Wolcott
Manager of Technology, Huffy Sports

Enhydra User: NextShift

"At NextShift we provide high-end hosting and remote client CGI services. Our development efforts are concentrated heavily on the production of server-side Internet and Intranet applications. The Enhydra application framework allows us to focus our effort almost exclusively on the application functionality saving us countless engineering hours. We are very pleased with the multi-tier application support, XML DOM compiler, and Data Object Design Studio (DODS). Also, Lutris' engineers and the rest of the open source community have been very responsive and helpful with our questions. I have nothing but praise for the Enhydra effort and I'm very excited about the future evolution of this system."
Ed Boring
Engineering Lead, NextShift Inc.

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Enhydra User: Softcom

"Enhydra rocks! The XMLC technology is what did it for us. We are currently using Enhydra to build interactive Web sites. I've also been evaluating Zope, which has an interesting object model for the Web, but they lack technology similar to XMLC, so I'm not sure it will hold up against Enhydra.
I've been developing Web apps for about 5 years now, starting out with Perl/CGI. The last two years with Java and Dynamo from Art Technologies. They had .jhtml pages which are similar to JSP so I know first hand the pain of having Java and HTML mixed together. We were picking apart our last project looking for ways to better separate presentation from business logic when I stumbled upon Enhydra. It was one of those Web moments, where you figure out what you are looking for as soon as you see it. XMLC is so sweet."
Bill Thompson
Using Enhydra/XMLC to build a video-on-demand Web site for IEEE

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Enhydra User: Miradi, Inc.

"For years I have been looking for a solution to the messy problem of mixing code and HTML. XMLC is the closest to a clean separation of the two that I have ever seen. My only regret is that I didn't come up with the idea! I have and will continue to recommend Enhydra and XMLC as the best way to build web applications."
Nic Barthelemy
Miradi, Inc., CEO & CTO

"The fact that Enhydra is Open Source gave our developers the power to quickly understand how the code works. This allowed us to become productive faster and gave us the ability to implement immediate enhancements."
Andrew Nishigaya
Miradi Inc., VP of Development

Using Enhydra/XMLC to build

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Enhydra User: ForInstance

"Recently we launched the beta release of, an Enydra powered web site. delivers custom software developed by an independent community of developers. I've used JSP for HTML templating in a previous servlets based project, with good results. However, XMLC blows the JSP solution out of the water. True separation of HTML from server-side code is something I've desired for some time. XMLC provides it. DODS has been incredibly useful as well. With our quick release schedules, it was a joy to not spend the usual weighty chunk of hours piecing together a data layer. I want to give a thank you to everyone that has contributed to Enhydra.and to the enhydra mailing list - which has greatly eased the learning curve, and to the Enhydra development team for a great product."
Andy Chen, VP Operations

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Other Enhydra Testimonials

"Finding a powerful application server for our heavyweight web site,, we performed many test comparisons on both commercial and GNU products, including Persistence Power-tier, BEA tuxedo, Oracle, and Apache JServ. Finally we found Enhydra. The combined advantage of usability, scalability, stability and inter-connectivity with other products was a perfect match for us. The features of the Open Source community also added to Enhydra being a real winner. We are introducing Enhydra into's support platform to serve the fast growing E-business of our company's future. Thank you to the hardworking people at!"
Walker Chen
Chief Technical Officer,

"I'm VERY impressed with your product. I'm presently burdened with supporting IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite, 4.1. I'm quite shocked as to the poor quality of WebSphere installation & support, and discovered your product while on, trolling for better e-hosting applications. I've been able to install (enhydra) on a Suse 6.3 platform, PPro 200 with 128MB ram, and the performance is quite nice. Your installation is LEAGUES ahead of what IBM puts out with WebSphere, and the documentation is far better than IBM's, on their WebSphere. Keep up the outstanding work!"
Tom Sandholm,
Sr. Unix Applications Engineer,
(formerly GTE Internetworking)

"Thanks to the Enhydra community and Lutris for this magnificent effort to provide us all with a nice product. Enhydra is the only project I know of that focus on solving the Enterprise Application deployment problems with state of the art Java technologies. Making a framework comparable, and in some contexts definitly better, than commercial ones."
Nuno Bernardo Pinto Lopes,
Consultant, e-business Development Technologies, Portugal

"The combination of Enhydra, JOnAS and the Jonathan ORB will create the most capable application server on the market today. The fact that it will also be Open Source technology is impressive and extremely useful for developers. This announcement places Enhydra at the forefront of application server technology, far in advance of commercial offerings."
David Wood,
Technical Director, Plugged In Software

"I would like to thank everyone involved in producing Enhydra. It is a great framework that is allowing me to forget about the low level workings of my servlets and get on with the more interesting high level ideas."
Doug South,
Java Developer, Trontos Software Development.

"XMLC allows the complete separation of HTML and Java. The designers don't need to tiptoe around embedded code, and the developers don't have to wade through HTML to get at their Java code - they get an object representation of the page to work with."
Daniel C. Ellison,
CTO, Drums
- a company in Toronto, Canada concentrating on the partner and channel relationship management.

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"Our collaboration with Lutris on a significant new portal has been a successful and exciting one. The technology they use allows us, as an art house, the freedom to be dynamic in our interface design because we're isolated from the application development process."
Lisa Zenner,
Senior Producer, Mondo Media.

"Enhydra is enhancing our development of highly specialized e-commerce solutions, resulting in code that's easily maintainable. XMLC and its capability to cleanly separate HTML and application logic fits perfectly within our teamwork concept: designers and programmers work hand in hand on a project. XMLC allows each group to concentrate on their respective tasks and strengths and even to implement major changes without delaying or breaking the other groups' work."
Martin Apel,
Project Manager, Opus5,
an Internet consultancy in Frankfurt, Germany

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"After an extensive evaluation of the current open- and closed-source "web application server" solutions, Enhydra seems to be the "right" solution for my needs given it's licensing terms, platform independence, and Java foundation. I applaud you for a very elegant and powerful product."
Stefan Wasilewski,
Time Warner Communications,
Tampa Bay.

"We've started to look at ATG Dynamo and Oh la la! Their scripting is so complicated that any designer will run away at fast as he can just knowing that he has to learn that. I have a killer argument in my hand to push XMLC in this project."
Lionel Mestre,,
a Canadian Internet professional services firm.

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"This Enhydra effort is a cool set of software and a good idea. I really like the light approach to delivery and the relatively simple (yet elegant) presentation strategy. Nice!"
Brian Dealy,
Vice President, Group Chief Technologist - Information Systems, Science Applications International Corp.

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