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This week's Enhydra powered site:



Check out the power of Enhydra with a visit to the Home and Garden Show web site. Created for Home and Garden shows in Minneapolis and Des Moines, the Home and Garden Show web site makes it possible to create a personal itinerary for the show. View and search all exhibits and events at the show and then add the ones you want to visit to your personal itinerary. Once you have planned your visit, you can create your itinerary map highlighting where you have planned to go, print it out and be on your way.

Previously Featured Sites:

ParadeOfHomes.org is a site with all the information you need about buying, building, or remodeling a home in the Greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. Find a home, find a builder, or find a remodeler based on your specific criteria. Search and view pictures and details of hundreds of homes and builders. Find information about the Twin Cities area Parade of Homes events, which are the oldest and largest new home events in the United States. Watch for "Find a Product;" a new feature coming soon to help you find qualified service professionals for all of your new home needs.


MyNet.com is Turkey's #1 portal built with Enhydra Tomcat/JSP. MyNet.com--launched within the last year--offers email, news, personalized web pages and games, as well as a search engine supplied by newly acquired partner Altavista, for Turkish language searches. This successful B2C portal serves the Turkish speaking people allowing customized user sites and will be expanding into a web hosting service.

Due to internationalization issues, MyNet moved from Websphere to Enhydra, and found that what IBM could not deliver, Enhydra's open source supplied.

Here's some technical stats on the site:
Currently using 13 Sun Ultra 10's, 2 Sun Ultra 250's. Apache and Enhydra using Windows NT for personalized home page configuration. MyNet has over 100 dynamic pages running on Enhydra and uses an object oriented database called POET.

Lindauer-Dornier.com, "the world largest manufacturer of custom power looms" has been developing and running all its business-critical applications on an HP 3000 979KS/200 since the 1970s. Yet the company always deploys the latest technologies, as shown by the i-POS project: online ordering of replacement parts for power looms, realized with Apache Web Server, Java-based Enhydra and Oracle on the HP 3000.
For the most part, the power looms built by Lindauer Dornier are custom designs. In 1995, the company made the transition from paper documentation and replacement part catalogs to an electronic parts ordering system (EPOS). The provision of replacement parts – vital for maintaining the productivity of the looms – was thus accelerated significantly thanks to quicker retrieval and forwarding of order numbers to Customer Service. Yet Dornier developed the idea further.

When HP released software that permitted the deployment of the HP 3000 as a full-scale Web server, DORNIER saw the opportunity to process replacement part orders online, thus leading to a further streamlining of internal and external processes.
I-POs was developed by Transparent Solutions as a Java application under Windows NT. In May 1999, the Apache Web Server, Java and Oracle were initially installed on the HP 3000 in Lindau. With the support of HP Services, I-POs was then transferred to the HP 3000 without modifications. The implementation went smoothly and the Enhydra application was up and running within a few hours.

I-POs complements EPOS on CD-ROM and provides a fast, simple channel for replacement part orders. All data needed by individual customers for their orders is served in an up-to-date, customer-specific form by the Oracle database via the browser login. The needed replacement parts can be marked directly in the drawings. DORNIER then processes the orders immediately.

CleverContent.com is the proactive approach to image protection! The site allows images to be viewed but not popupcopied, printed, or captured, which protects the intellectual property of studios, magazines, press, photos agencies and anyone who wants to safeguard their digital assets. CleverContent actually prevents: copy, save as, and printing alt+print screen use of third party screen capture apps (Which is why you see no images in the screen shot above).
The CleverContent server has software that runs in the background of your dedicated web server. It then Intercepts, encrypts, and passes on to the browser all images designated for protection. The CleverContent Viewer automatically installs as a plug-in on the visitor’s computer, which makes it possible to see CleverContent protected images

IEEE.MediaPlatform.com is the site for the The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, where their streaming video product known as Video-on-Demand displays lectures and training courses for electrical and computer engineers, in real-time directly to the desktop.
How does it work? The video materials and supplemental slides are converted and indexed into a format that allows anyone with an Internet connection to "play" the course, using the RealNetworks G2 player. The site platform is Solaris running Apache/Jserve and Enhydra.

StrictlyeBusinessExpo.com's site is designed to assist you in planning your day at an expo. To ensure you find the solutions you're looking for, they've created a planner where you can create a customized event itinerary for your educational and product needs. Search exhibitors, product categories, educational programs and keynote sessions to maximize your time at an exposition. This site is also WAP-enabled for your cell phone so you can use it to access StrictlyeBusinessExpo.com's Wireless Solutions Search.

HistoricAviation.com opened for business in Minnesota nearly 30 years ago as an extension of the Horne family’s love of aviation. Selling art prints at fly-ins beginning with the very first EAA event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the company quickly expanded its product line and published its first catalog later in the 1970s. From that humble mail order beginning more than 20 years ago, the company has grown to be an international publisher and seller of thousands of aviation items including books, videos, art, models, kits, puzzles and much more.

Historic Aviation's new Web Site, because it can be updated daily, will frequently include new products before they are seen in the catalog. The Site includes online shopping with a secure server and shopping cart, a large database of inventory with images, an awesome search mechanism and more.

ClickDough.com is a permission-based marketing network. It was founded on the belief that, by empowering Web consumers through pooling their interests into virtual, online communities, the bargaining power of these communities will revolutionize the way marketing and advertising is done. ClickDough acts on behalf of its members by matching advertising and other e-commerce opportunities with its members’ interests and sharing with them the e-commerce benefits and advertising revenues.

ClickDough is part of the ClickRebates.com network, which is the first Consumer–to-Business (C2B) company to empower and reward members for using the Web. They develop and manage permission-marketing programs for the public and, on an OEM basis, to select business partners including charitable groups and Internet Service Providers.

Clickdough is running on four (4) Enhydra application servers using the enhydra.jar, with 2 CPU's per server. They are using Pentium III based systems 500+ mhz hardware and FreeBSD 4.0 Stable operating system.

i-engineering.com, Inc. is the Internet's leading Global Engineering Portal site for a multitude of engineering disciplines. This site provides the engineering community one-stop technical information, engineering related products, services and Business-to-Business commerce in an international and a multilingual environment.

This Internet based engineering portal unites the global engineering community including individuals and companies and provides products & services at a common web site.
i-engineering.com also designs and creates e-commerce web sites for companies looking for growth on the Internet marketplace.

i-engineering.com is running two CPU's per server on SPARC hardware with a Solaris operating system and Oracle database.

Solemates' Customatix.com is the only place in the world where you can completely design your own shoes using up to three billion trillion (that's over 3,420,833,472,000,000,300,000 per shoe!!!) combinations of colors, graphics, logos and materials.

Using Enhydra, this complex, multi-faceted site was built with unprecedented functionality, programming it to integrate seamlessly with the applications of Solemates' other partners, including UPS, Cybersource, and FaceTime.

ExperienceNet.com is an affordable and rewarding way to bring corporations and experienced professionals together to fill employment needs on both a temporary and permanent basis. Corporate clients can save dramatic amounts of time and money by searching a verified database by industry, occupation skills, years of experience, and other prerequisites. Professionals create their own resume webpage that puts their experience right in front of the people doing the hiring. It's a new way of doing business in which corporations hire exactly the experience they need for exactly as long as they need it, and professionals manage their own careers on their own terms.

eSports.com is a one-stop-shop for details on recreational sporting events and activities. The sophisticated, yet easy-to-navigate Web site is uniquely fueled by enlisting site users to contribute content on just about every sport imaginable. Organizations, associations and sports-minded individuals alike can access the eSports.com network for posting and retrieving information. Through the use of browser-based Web page creation and hosting, discussion rooms, message boards, and free e-mail services, this approach serves as a catalyst for capturing the most comprehensive information. Site visitors will also find an online auction outlet, giving users the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade used sporting goods. It is a robust and ambitious sharing of information among organizations, associations, team players, and individuals that makes eSports.com a revolutionary way to engage recreational athletes and sports lovers of all ages and levels.

CreativeProject.com is in it's beta stage, launched by Miradi. This site offers a free, on-line ASP-style project management tool. Some of their features include: Collaborating with subcontractors, clients and internal team members, meeting project deadlines in an advertising-free custom-brandable Web environment, creating group and project schedules, collaboration of files, share and delegate tasks, set group and individual access permissions, generate shared address book contacts. Nothing to download, install, maintain or update. Coming features include:Time tracking, project accounting, workflow process management, Gantt charting and more.
This is an Enhydra Multiserver/Enhydra XMLC on top of WebLogic implementation.

iLumber .com is a unique service portal dedicated to the North American softwood industry. The site provides news and information, a robust surplus trading auction and quickly building to offer stock information, online chat, online lumber tools, customized storefronts and a complete lumber marketplace including online trading.

JobFinder.dk Is a Danish Job finding site.





ForInstance .com has launched the beta release of their website which will deliver custom software applications to businesses using a network of independent software developers. ForInstance.Com represents a new breed of Internet companies called Community- Delivered Service Providers (CDSP's). In the CDSP model, the software developer community takes an active role in managing the business -- helping the company screen projects, building knowledge for all members to use, and delivering projects to businesses making requests.

EverydayOffice.com offers business-to-business comprehensive services for small businesses. Free e-mail service, business news, secure online program, and chat are only a few of the services offered. Sleek design and Enhydra strength make this a site worth checking out.

AnywhereYouGo.com is the online community and marketplace that helps application developers speed the development of wireless applications, helps IT managers speed application deployment, and connects wireless infrastructure providers with target influencers and decision makers around the world.

Nextoffice.com uses Enhydra to power their site for online business furnishing solutions.




Earthlink's "The Mall" The Mall is an online virtual shopping mall, with tons of stores, price comparisons, a finance center, and is fully customizable for that personal shopping experience. This is a good example of Enhydra's scalability, as the site receives about half a million unique visitors each day, yet runs off of only two mid-range Sun servers.

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