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Re: InstantDB: Problems creating files with '$' in filename

The filesystem of any UNIX or Linux variant should permit filenames to
contain a $ character (or for that matter, any character except '/'). 
But some shell programs might have different ways of interpreting
commands that contain $, which often introduces shell variables.  This
is why David has to escape his filename with single-quotes, to suppress
variable substitution by the shell.  He could also backslash the $
characters (e.g., touch qlt\$db\$Index.tbl).

I'm not sure how or why InstantDB would be invoking a shell to access
files.  I would think it'd access files directly using Java methods.  So
the shell behavior might not be relevant to explain the problem with
InstantDB using these filenames on Debian.

David, what shell are you using on your Debian system?  Are you placing
InstantDB files on a native filesystem or on a FAT or remote filesystem?

Peter Hearty wrote:
> I'm sorry, David. The use of $ as a filename delimiter is hard coded. 

> From: "David Burnett" <>
> > The Debian server will not allow me to create a file with a '$' in the
> > filename.

Bill Karwin (
Application Architect - Lutris Technologies Inc.
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