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Re: InstantDB: SQL query does not run

Hello Thomas (and PeterH),

This sounds like a similar problem I'm experiencing on the
AIX platform. For a *specific* SQL statement, the
program just "hangs"; it is able to proceed with all else.

Is your program able to proceed with any other SQL statement?
Is it "unhappy" with "just" the select statement below?
What IDB release and platform are you working on?


Thomas Vatter wrote:
> I have an sql select statement that does not run. No results are
> returned, further exection of the program is stopped. After
> "executeQuery()" , instantdb shows the query statement, and shows no
> exceptions. Here is the query
> Select
>      eintr.eintrn, stf.nme_praefix, stf.bzc, mng.wrt, mng.enh,
>      knz.wrt, knz.enh, stf.agg, gfh.kb1,
>      gfh.kb2, gfh.kb3, rstkmb.rst1, rstkmb.rst2, rstkmb.rst3,
>      rstkmb.rst4, stf.bgk, stf.wgk,
>      gbd.bzc, stc.bzc, rm.bzc, fchabt.bzc, ins.bzc, arb.bzc,
>      brb.vrn, brb.nch, eintr.doe, vrnt.vrn, vrnt.nch
> from
>      eintr, stf, mng, knz, gfh, rstkmb, gbd, stc, rm, fchabt,
>      ins, arb, brb, vrnt
> where
>      dor is null and doa is null and unme <> "zxy" and
>      eintr.stfn = stf.stfn and
>      eintr.brbn = brb.brbn and
>      eintr.fchabtn = fchabt.fchabtn and
>      eintr.gbdn = gbd.gbdn and
>      fchabt.insn = ins.insn and
>      fchabt.arbn = arb.arbn and
>      gbd.stcn = stc.stcn and
>      gbd.rmn = rm.rmn and
>      stf.gfhn = gfh.gfhn and
>      stf.mngn = mng.mngn and
>      stf.rstkmbn = rstkmb.rstkmbn and
>      stf.knzn = knz.knzn
> order by
>      stf.bzc, stf.nme_praefix, stf.agg asc, mng.wrt desc,
>      gfh.kb1, gfh.kb2, gfh.kb3, rstkmb.rst1, rstkmb.rst2,
>      rstkmb.rst3, rstkmb.rst4, stf.bgk, stf.wgk
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