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All Q:s answeded; thanks

Thanks for your quick respons; I got all my questionmarks straighted out.

Special thanks to Martin for his small test-code. I'm going to need it
within 12 hours and I'm greatful I didn't have to write it myself, sort of
short of time ...


On 12-Oct-99 Dan Johnsson wrote:
>  Here comes some questions that probably are trivial (but not in the
>  FAQ),
>  but I am on a heavy deadline and haven't got the time to wait. Please
>  forgive me for not having the time to "listen in" carefully before
>  posting.
>  Just to check that I have got it right: 
>  1) There is no ordinary "server process" in Instant DB. The JVM that
>  opens
>  a connection to will do the job; and when it closes down all the data
>  will
>  be written to the file system. So between uses of the database, the
>  database exsists fully on the file system. Right?
>  2) Databases are identified by their property file, and it is the
>  property
>  file you give in the url when creating a connection. Right?
>  3) How does the DriverManager get my driver? Usually you force loading
>  of
>  the driver with Class.forName(driverClassNameString). What is the name
>  of
>  the Driver-class in InstantDB?
>  Thanks a lot in advance to whoever answers my questions!
>          Dan Johnsson
>  ----------------------------------
>  Dan Johnsson, Java Head Teacher 
>  Frobozz AB;   Sweden
>  E-Mail: Dan Johnsson <>
>  Date: 13-Oct-99       Time: 00:03:27
>  ----------------------------------

Dan Johnsson, Java Head Teacher 
Frobozz AB;   Sweden

E-Mail: Dan Johnsson <>
Date: 15-Oct-99       Time: 02:05:37