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Newbie Q: name of driver et al

Here comes some questions that probably are trivial (but not in the FAQ),
but I am on a heavy deadline and haven't got the time to wait. Please
forgive me for not having the time to "listen in" carefully before posting.

Just to check that I have got it right: 

1) There is no ordinary "server process" in Instant DB. The JVM that opens
a connection to will do the job; and when it closes down all the data will
be written to the file system. So between uses of the database, the
database exsists fully on the file system. Right?

2) Databases are identified by their property file, and it is the property
file you give in the url when creating a connection. Right?

3) How does the DriverManager get my driver? Usually you force loading of
the driver with Class.forName(driverClassNameString). What is the name of
the Driver-class in InstantDB?

Thanks a lot in advance to whoever answers my questions!

        Dan Johnsson

Dan Johnsson, Java Head Teacher 
Frobozz AB;   Sweden

E-Mail: Dan Johnsson <>
Date: 13-Oct-99       Time: 00:03:27