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Enhydra Wireless Web Sites is the largest independent community of wireless application developers, with coverage of the US market from Dallas and the European market from London. AYG provides industry and product news, developer tools and resources, industry reports, directories of developers and applications, training and tutorials, and discussion groups covering wireless application development. is a leading provider of personalized information, communication, entertainment and transactional services for all mobile users. The information and services are closely integrated and can be accessed from all digital communication devices connected to the Internet, for example, WAP-enabled phones and handheld computers. is a global service and will be adapted to country specific needs regarding content, language and culture.

Wireless Developer Network is an on-line community for information technology professionals interested in mobile computing and communications. Their mission is to assist developers, strategists, and managers in bridging the gap between today's desktop and enterprise applications and tomorrow's mobile users communicating via wireless networks. Wireless Developer Network is interested in supporting the deployment of these evolving technologies through high-quality technical information, news, industry coverage, and commentary. This information is provided within a true on-line community that supports developer/vendor dialogue through message boards and user-submitted tips, articles, links, and software downloads. (in Chinese) is a news site featuring realtime news reporting delivered to the Web, connected PDA and WAP. The system runs on a XML content management system based on Enhydra featuring real time reporting and editing.'s site is designed to assist you in planning your day at an expo. To ensure you find the solutions you're looking for, they've created a planner where you can create a customized event itinerary for your educational and product needs. Search exhibitors, product categories, educational programs and keynote sessions to maximize your time at an exposition. This site is also WAP-enabled for your cell phone so you can use it to access's Wireless Solutions Search.

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