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InstantDB: Stored Procedures


Hos does InstantDB handle "Stored Procedures" in the database. Is there some
way to
"compile" some kind of "package" with procedures/functions (methods) other
than the global
functions already implemented (i.e the "upper"-function). Does InstantDB
perhaps support
the option to compile Java-classes inline in the database that can then be
called on
with dot-notation like if I have:
create or replace package/class myPackage
	public String myFunction(String s){
		return s;

	public String mySecondFunction(String s){
		return s;
then I would be able to do
select myPackage.myFunction(COLUMN_A) from TABLE_A
The difference from your already implemented approach for the
anonymous-functions (those not within
a package/"class") is not that much. The only thing I see needed for this to
work is that the database
can spawn some kind of compilation-process when issuing a "create or replace
package/class" command, and
this could perfectly be the standard SUN JDK compiler. And then there must
be some kind of way to append
the context in which the database is in at the moment of method-calling,
with context I mean a JDBC-connection-type
and perhaps other useful information about in what state the database is in.

Why I'm bothering you is that I have worked a lot with the Oracle database
over the years and with their
PL/SQL Stored Procedures. And I really like it a lot and I was thinking of
doing the same kind
of implementations within the InstantDB database.

How about it, is this already in process, or have a stumbled upon something
that I can help implement?


Charlie Elgholm

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