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InstantDB: Bug: Duplicate rows inserted on commit()

I am new to InstantDB and JDBC in general, so it is quite possible that
I am missing something (i've been in the OODBMS world).

At any rate, I have idb 3.26 running with JDK 1.3 under Win98.

In my program, I create a connection to my database and turn off
auto-commit.  I then select a result set with a simple query, e.g.:

    SELECT * FROM music

After I get the result set and go to a specific row, I do this:

    rs.updateObject("artist", "some string");

Then, on the same row without commiting yet, I do another update:

    rs.updateObject("title", "some other string");

Now I commit my changes:


When I re-query and get a new result set, I have a duplicate of the row
that I was modifying, the first copy has "some string" in the "artist"
field and the second copy has "some other string" in the "title" field
-- all other fields are their original values, except as noted.

This is not good, especially since one of my fields is auto-increment,
which means that I now have duplicate values.

The editing is being done from my programs GUI, I essentially want the
user to be able to make a whole series of changes and then commit or
rollback en masse.

Am I missing something?


-> richard

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