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InstantDB: is there any tools?

Thanks a lot.

 is there any tools to translate tables from MS-Access .mdb files to
 InstantDB tables directly?
 or do i have to create all the tables manually ?

can any one answer this

Scott Plante wrote:

I suggest that before you spend much time converting, you do some
serious stress testing of InstantDB. I'm afraid you'll find that if you
have a "big Java application," then InstantDB isn't going to cut it for
you. Primary problems are join performance, full-in-memory hash-table
indexes, and fixed length records.

InstantDB is a nice solution for very small applications and getting
your feet wet with JDBC, and it has a lot of potential, but it has a
long way to go to be ready for even Access level solutions.


Sreenivasa Rao Nalluri wrote:

> Hello all
> i have big Java application which is using MS-Access/Oracle database.
> The database has many tables, and large amount of data.
> now i want to convert my application database to InstantDB.
> i understand InstantDB, how it creates tables.
> is there any way to translate my tables from MS-Access .mdb files to
> InstantDB tables directly?
> or do i have to create all the tables manually ?
> can any one help me?
> thanks a lot
> sreeni
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