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InstantDB: InstantDB optimizations


I looked in the mail archives for information regarding my question, but
could find none, so here goes:

We have an application that runs on a users desktop.  The application
has 'plugins' which are pieces of code that we can write that seamlessly
plugin to the main app.  One of these plugins uses InstantDB.  Our
problem lies in when a particular plugin starts, it runs queries on a
single InstantDB database.  This database has 10 tables, and all the
tables combines are .97 megabyte.  None of the tables has more than 7
columns, and an average of about I'd say 50 rows.  Most data is of type
char(10) (My SQL syntax may be off, but they're mostly small strings).
We are noticing a 'jump' in memory usage when the plugin is initialized
(actually our client has mentioned this memory spike).  Using
OptimizeIt! I have noticed the largest consumer of memory to be the
byte[] and char[].  The spike is between 4 and 5 megs (we are trying to
keep this down to less than 2 megs).  I have changed some of the
optimization settins in the .prp file (namely the resultsOnDisk to = 1),
but do not seem to notice much difference.  If someone out there has
come across this problem, or can enlighten me, it would be greatly

-Thanks, Jason

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