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Re: InstantDB: need to create a unique primary key on multiplecolumns, how?


I'm afraid you've just hit a limitation in the current IDB syntax. I 
don't think there's currently a way to do this. Like you say, you 
either have to create the primary key when the table gets created, or 
settle for a non-unique one when it gets altered.



----- Original Message -----
From: Jonathan Lai Lam <>
Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 3:25 pm
Subject: InstantDB: need to create a unique primary key on multiple 
columns, how?

> Hi there...
> I need to create a unique primary key on multiple columns.  I have 
> triedto do it in the tables create statement and that works, 
> however if
> I do it in an alter table she seems to moan?  I am running version 
> 3.25.
> Here is the code which I am having some trouble with:
> e alter table EstimateAttributeValue
>    add UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY (estimateId, attributeId)
> this works if I leave the unique out, but then I can insert 
> duplicates.Is there a cleaner alternitive than creating a unique 
> index on
> the same column as the primary key?
> if possible could you please send some sample code to do this.
> Thank you kindly
> Jon

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