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Re: InstantDB: Will InstantDb support JDO?


I haven't been following the progress of JDO too closely. Does the reference
implementation exist yet? Provided this, or an open source alternative
relies only on just JDBC/SQL then I don't see why not. If an implementation
depends on support for structured data types though then InstantDB will
require some work.




Peter Hearty               
Lutris Technologies (UK)
----- Original Message -----
From: "Karl Thiele" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 10:02 PM
Subject: InstantDB: Will InstantDb support JDO?

> Will instantDB support JDO?  I am expecting a reference implementation
> to surface. Then I was wondering if any instantDB folks where involved
> in any manner with JDO.
> Java Data Objects
>                    The JDO specification provides for interface-based
> definitions of data stores
>                    and transactions; and selection and transformation of
> persistent storage data
>                    into native JavaTM programming language objects.
> Existing Specifications:
>                    Existing specifications for persistence include JDBC,
> SQLJ, and
>                    java.util.Serializable.  The JDBC and SQLJ mechanisms
> provide for query,
>                    transactions, and large capacity storage, but require
> that users learn another
>                    language (SQL).  This proposal allows users to
> specify their application
>                    program logic, including queries, entirely in Java,
> and express the mapping, if
>                    any, to the database with a separate mechanism. The
> java.util serialization
>                    protocol provides for persistence, but it does not
> offer query capability,
>                    transactional behavior, nor large capacity data
> storage. In addition, both the
>                    serialization and SQL APIs require that the
> programmer explicitly fetch and
>                    store Java objects from a database; we propose
> transparent persistence, doing
>                    this automatically.
> Appreciate any comments,
> -karl

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