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InstantDB: docs on KEYs 4 lobotomized flatworms


I need subj. on using foreign keys, primary keys, indexes and all stuff like
this. Also it whould be great, if anybody could provide me a link to smth.
like SQL 4 ABSOLUTE dummies. I understand, that it is not a IDB question, so
I am sorry...

I tried to use IDB with Forte4j Internet Edition - it seems, that they
provide old version of drivers with this ide (but in readme is all ok - IDB
is supported and driver is correct) - maybe lutris should contact with
netbeans and give them correct drivers? I think, that this (great) ide could
not work correctly with IDB because of idb driver could not provide
necessary metadata. Also some commands in IDE does not work properly (i mean
that if you try to create a view, you will get an error. I know, that IDB
does not support views YET, but this info should be provided by IDB driver
to ide... or not?) - that is just for additional information :)

P.S. many thanks to Peter Hearty for his help.

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