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Re: InstantDB: FileNotFoundException: idb.jrl


InstantDB periodically tries to truncate the journal file back to zero
length. It sounds like something is going wrong in the process. AFAIK,
there's no way to do an explicit truncation of a RandomAccessFile in Java
(anyone out there care to educate me though?), so InstantDB does a file
delete followed by a create to truncate the log.

There are several possibilities.

First, can we rule out any possibility of you running two programs on the
same database at once (just asking to make sure)?

Once that's ruled out, could you let me know if your application has
multiple threads accessing the database at the same time?

As a work around you could always set transaction logging off during the
import (transLevel=0 in the .prp file). However I would like to get as much
detail on this as possible. In particular, which OS and JVM (with versions)
that are being used.


Peter Hearty
Lutris Technologies UK Ltd.
-----Original Message-----
From: Ferenc Csizmadia <>
To: <>
Date: 10 July 2000 11:09
Subject: InstantDB: FileNotFoundException: idb.jrl

>I would like to import rows into an InstantDB database through JDBC
>using INSERT.
>After INSERT-ing a couple of hundreds or thousands (this seems random)
>of records the system removes the idb.jrl file and I get
>I tried using the InstantDB driver both directly and through RmiJdbc,
>but there is no difference (it seems the exception comes sooner when
>RmiJdbc is applied).
>Transaction handlings is not applied explicitly.
>When I try to debug by recording trace information, the problem
>disappeares (but the system slows down).
>The same program code works when other database engines (MySQL,
>Oracle, MS SQL Server ....) are used.
>This is the exception:
>java.sql.SQLException: Problem opening/creating journal file: idb.jrl
> C:\htdocs\jchem\idb\system\idb.jrl
>(Access is denied)
>        at
>        at
>        at sun.rmi.server.UnicastRef.invoke(
>        at

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