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Re: InstantDB: Memory consumption and column widths

	So if I'm understanding you correctly, a CHAR(256) column will always
consume approximately double the amount of space that a CHAR(128) column
does, without regard to the data in the column?

	Brian Sanchez

Peter Hearty wrote:
> Brian
> I you create a CHAR (256) column then the column will always reserve 256
> Unicode characters plus a length field, i.e. 256*2+4 = 516 bytes. If you
> want variable length strings then use the TEXT type, although this will be
> slightly slower.
> Regards
> Peter Hearty
> Lutris Technologies UK Ltd.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brian Sanchez <>
> To: <>
> Date: 07 July 2000 00:56
> Subject: InstantDB: Memory consumption and column widths
> >
> > I have a fairly large database (a couple of thousand records) and I'd
> >like to know what effect increasing the column width will have on the
> >memory consumption of my application.
> >
> > If a column is declared as CHAR(256), is InstantDB using that as the
> >absolute size of the column or the maximum size?  For example, if I
> >insert "foo" into that column, is that record consuming the full 256
> >chars, or just enough to hold the string, which would be less than 5
> >chars?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Brian Sanchez
> >
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