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InstantDB: Our mission

          I read your page = "Our Mission" and was very interested. If I
understood well (maybe I didn't because I'm french ?)
Ten years ago, I worked with a developer in C language on P.C.I was
programer and it was a very interesting job, my boss made a librairy with
functions in C language wich are wery usefull for Databases Management
but I'm not as good as he is and without his librairy, I can't program
Now, I'm working as administrative clerk and was always surprised when I
see, they have a lot of computers and they use it only for Word or Excell.
Never they use computer for data (or information) processing. I tried to
show the utility of databases. I could program :
("4 dimension" the database of ACI and Acces)
but any time I only found persons unable to understand. I found only one
executive who seemed to understand but alone he could'nt very much ??
So, I had the idea to promote database utility by the web and I'd like to do
some databases and to propose it on line but I haven't any tool to succes
(I thought it's possible with "4 dimension") but I don't want to spend
money for a database.
First I wan't to try it and see if I'm able to program and I want to know if
people are interested by database, if they can understand the avantages of
RDBSM and data (or information) processing in management. I beleive, I've
found what I was searching for, for a long time.
Java is a good solution because it's a language especially made for the web,
but i'm only beginning and I looked to the "demo on line" but I only found a
backgammon ??
Could you send me a program in java (with the source code) wich can create a
file, create and open records - this records have a structure (for example
record of a person is made with his name, his vorname, his adress, etc.
...) -
al this information are recorded in a data file on a disk,
wich can display them on the screen and can print a list of them.

Could you explain me how your instant DB work because I need some help to
start and I will do some database applications you display show in your
"demo on line".

Now I find it's enough, if you're interested by my idea, or you're OK to
help me to realise it, I thank you and I will write you more next time.

Bye Bye !!

   |          |
   | (o ) (o)
 C         _)   Nicolas :
   | ,_ __|  __/
   |        /         ICQ = 30507126
  /____\         Espace de chat WebOrama = OptiDev
/            \

Venez me visiter !!

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