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Announcing InstantDB V3.12

InstantDB Version 3.12 is now available for download from:

This is a bug fix release. All users currently using version
3.11, or 3.12 betas, are strongly encouraged to migrate to
3.12 as soon as possible.

InstantDB is a 100% Java, Relational Database Management 
System (RDBMS). It is *free* to non-commercial and 
non-government organisations. Features supported include 
joins, transactions, triggers, sub-selects, table aliasing 
and much, much more that you wouldn't normally expect to 
find in a free RDBMS. 

Changes from version 3.11:

- Bug in index recovery could make recovery very 
  slow. Fixed. 
- Illegal dates were accepted. Fixed 
- A bug in the Microsoft virtual machine causes certain 
  floating point comparisons to produce erroneous results. 
  A workaround has been put in place. 
- Dropping the final column in a table would result in 
  illegal table headers. Fixed. 
- TEXT columns in IN phrases were not properly evaluated. Fixed. 
- Temporary tables used in empty GROUP BY sets were not 
  created. Fixed. 
- Optimised WHERE clause could omit first matching row. Fixed. 

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