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Re: Memory and InstantDB


If there really was 6993664 bytes free at the point of the crash then it
does seem a bit odd. How confident are you that this represents a true
figure at the point of the crash (you could try catching OutOfMemory
exceptions and printing out the heap size).

Have you tried varying the stack size as well as the heap size?


Peter Hearty
Instant Computer Solutions
-----Original Message-----
From: Rich Coad <>
To: <>
Date: 10 December 1999 20:13
Subject: Memory and InstantDB

>I am developing an application which receives XML input taht is parsed and
>stored in an InstantDB database.  The input is parsed as it is received and
>then sends the objects created to a separate (high priority) thread which
>stores them in the database.  The expected concurrency definitely occurs
>the objects, once stored in InstantDB are being gc'ed.
>However, I am getting OutOfMemory errors with an input file as small as 1.5
>MB.  This occurs when using Blackdown's JDK 1.1.7 v3 on an i386 with Redhat
>Linux 6.0 and 128 MB of RAM.  When I use the new JDK 1.2.2 the problem does
>The output  from the trace log seems to indicate that there should be
plenty of
>memory still available - here it is with the minimum heap size set to 8 MB
>the maximum at default (16MB):
> main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7601136 Used 786424
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7593208 Used 795392
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7524784 Used 863816
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7449336 Used 938224
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7402864 Used 985736
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7314888 Used 1073712
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7256736 Used 1131864
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7208424 Used 1180176
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7075840 Used 1311720
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=6830176 Used 1558088
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=6780672 Used 1607928
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=6690464 Used 1698136
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=6570168 Used 1818432
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=6431360 Used 1957240
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7160120 Used 1228144
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7104656 Used 1283944
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=7049160 Used 1338400
>main Total Memory=8388600 Free=6993664 Used 1394936
>outputThread java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:
>Anyone have any idea why this might occur?  If I turn of database storage
>the file is read through with no problems.  I've carefully reviewed my code
>make sure all ResultSets and Statements are closed and System.gc is called.
> --
>Rich Coad
>Tech Team
>(415) 430-2369
>Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
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To unsubscribe from this list, please an send
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