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Re: xxx$db$tables

Hey Peter,

Great to hear from you, it was a good idea to make  this list, even for the
problems last week.

Is this boundary between system and user tables the only way to separate to two
types of tables?
If yes, how do one tell them a part , if the boundary changes ?..... One could
of course parse the TableName
and take the non xxx$db$yyyyy tables as user tables, but this only holds if all
system tables starts with xxx$db$.

I see there is a Type column in the xxx$db$tables, but it looks like its
something like a type for tables/index,
and system+user tables have the same type.

I guess that idb adds 1 to the TableID when new tables is created and if tables
gets dumped there will be a hole
in the TableIDs. This is the reason for my boundary at 1040.

You say that system IDs always are the same, is this also true for a once
created user table that its ID is  fixed ?


"Peter Hearty" <> on 22-10-99 10:14:25

Subject:  Re: xxx$db$tables

>I hope this mailing list is ok  (?).

Me too.

>Will all "user" created tables in the xxx$db$tables tables always get a
>>= 1040  (unless they are dumped and therefore  = 0) and do all idb
>"private/system" tables have IDs lower then 1040 ??
>If they are, is a table's TableID always the same ?

The current boundary between system and user tables IDs is 1005 (everything
above 1005 is a user table). The IDs for system tables are fixed and always
remain the same.

Having said that, this will almost certainly change in future releases. New
system tables will probably be needed to support referential integrity and
multiple usernames and privileges.


Peter Hearty
Instant Computer Solutions

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To unsubscribe from this list, please an send
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