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The Enhydra Wireless section is to assist the community in further learning and building of wireless Internet applications with Enhydra, and to provide a comprehensive location for news and information on this subject.

Through the Open Source process, Enhydra has added support for the Wireless Markup Language (WML) in version 3.0.1.
Specifically, WML support was the result of modifications to the XML Compiler to compile WML and to manipulate the resulting WML DOM efficiently via Enhydra contributions by DigitalSesame (formerly Topware Technology). Shortly thereafter, added build rules for creating wireless Internet applications, and these and other reference information became Lateral Software's tutorial contribution, "WAP@Enhydra: Unwiring Open Source."

If you're new to the wireless world the "XML and Open Source Deliver Wireless Application Infrastructure" article is a good introduction.

If you'd like to see and use Enhydra Web Sites that are delivering WML output, visit Enhydra Wireless Web Sites. There you will find a listing of deployed sites for review and ideas on user interface design and content.





Wireless Tutorials

Wireless Web Sites




If you would like to contribute wireless news and information to this area please write to: