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Re: InstantDB: Date Types and In Clause fail.

At 10:47 AM 5/4/2001 -0800, John C. Landers wrote:
>I would accept this answer but if you use non dates (numbers or varchars )
>with instantdb it works.
>select * from some_table where 'abc' in ( VARCHARCOL1,VARCHARCOL2);

Wait--you changed _two_ things between your examples:  the datatype, and 
your use of data parameter vs. literal constant as the left operand of the 
IN predicate.  No fair!  :-)

Can you use a data parameter in place of 'abc' in this example if you use 
non-dates?  The use of a parameter in that context was what I was 
commenting was illegal SQL, not the use of a constant as the l.h.s. of IN 
instead of a column reference.

The l.h.s. of IN is a row value constructor according the SQL3 spec.  A row 
value constructor can decompose to a simple string constant, and you can 
use a data parameter for that.  But a row value constructor can be other 
things besides a constant, and you can't use a data parameter for 
those.  Think of it this way:  if you can *ONLY* put a single constant 
expression in a given syntactic position, then you should be able to use a 
data parameter in that position.  Otherwise, no.

Bill Karwin (
Application Architect - Lutris Technologies Inc.

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