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InstantDB: Multiple outer joins ?


Are there any plans to support multiple outer joins in InstantDB ?  The 
reason I'm asking is that I'm looking into the possibility of using 
InstantDB together with the Castor/JDO Object-Relational mapping tool.  Now 
the latter implements one-to-many and many-to-many relations by means of 
outer joins, so when a class participates in more than one *-to-many 
relation the SQL being generated produces multiple outer joins, which does 
not currently work with InstantDB.  Because this would be too serious a 
restriction on our data modelling, we'd have to give up either Castor/JDO 
or InstantDB, none of which is a very attractive option given that there 
are no real alternatives.

Going over the mailing list, I noticed that this question has been asked 
before, but I was wondering whether plans had changed at all.

I was also wondering how much work would be involved to support this 
feature.  Forgive and correct my ignorance, but it would seem to me that 
once you have the functionality to perform a single outer join extending 
this to allow multiple outer joins cannot be that hard.  Can someone give 
an indication of the effort and difficulties involved, and point me to the 
right place(s) in the code-base, so I can have a look for myself, and 
probably regret ever having mentioned that it "cannot be that hard" ;-)

In any case, it seems that a fair share of people are using InstantDB with 
Castor/JDO, so they must have the same problem.

Many thanks, for a reply and for an awesome piece of software.


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