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InstantDB: Can't see the changes being done on another connection

Hello everybody,

  I guess my question has a lot in common with Steve Carton's one (March 28,
2001 12:47 InstantDB: Flushing a cache), but unfortunately that one was
never answered.

  I use InstantDB 3.26 and I have the following problem: my application does
the connection pooling, and I found out that changes done by, for example,
insert query, using one connection, are not seen using the other existing
connections, so the select query will not return the inserted row, even if
the connection which does this changes is closed. At the same time, new rows
are perfectly visible if I create new connection and execute the same select
query. I have to say that I really hate the idea to create new connections
all the time the change is made, but I'm running out of my own ideas. Could
you possibly give me the clue why it works this way and how this situation
can be avoided or fixed? Are there any connection or database properties to
play with?

The quick answer will be truly appreciated. Thank you!

Best regards,

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