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InstantDB: Re: Bug in InstantDB !? A lot of null bytes in DB Tables

Hi Elmar,

VARCHAR allocates fixed space for the data; in order to get true
variable length allocation, use the TEXT datatype instead.


"Elmar Seestädt" wrote:
> Hi folks,
> anyway we're quite satisfied with your product.
> We use Instant DB in conjunction with BEA Weblogic server. Borland JBuilder
> Enterprise. Sun JDK 1.3.
> on a SuSE Linux 7.0 professional system.
> We have a java class that builds the DB. Then it inserts some data from CSV
> files. Initially the DB is about 300 to 400 kb small.
> There are two table with questions and answers. The cols are varchar cols.
> Initially there are about 40 questions and nearly 200 answers. So thats not
> that much.
> After a while the db grows bigger and bigger.
> The only thing which is done on the Answer Tables are a lot of reads and
> some write accesses, when a new answer is inserted.
> After a short period the table grows to 170MB. I inspected the tbl file with
> od and figured out that there are a lot of null bytes in the file. As an
> effect the DB is about 1MB in size after taring and Gzipping it.
> Do you have any idea?
> Yours Elmar
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