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Re: InstantDB: Netscape 4

have you considered using the java plug-in for browsers?

if not, it seems like a better alternative than relying on the browsers' vm...

At 12:49 01/03/13 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm trying to get InstantDB to work with Netscape 4.x, and I'm having some
>I'm creating the .jar file, signing it, and requesting all the appropriate
>permissions, and the database is then copied to the client's machine.
>When I run it I get the following Java exception :
>      # Verifier error org/enhydra/instantdb/jdbc/idbStatement.executeBatch
>()[I: Cannot find class java/sql/BatchUpdateException
>I know this class is part of the JDK 1.2, and the Netscape VM is only JDK
>1.1, so I added the rt.jar from JDK 1.2 to the class path on my machine and
>everything works fine.  But unfortunately, I can't expect the user to have
>JDK 1.2 and manually edit the classpath variable.
>I've also tried adding the missing classes to my .jar file, but I had no
>Any help would be appreciated.

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