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Re: InstantDB: newbie needs help accessing db through browser...


>--What do I need to do to make this work from any browser over the
>--Can I simply copy instantDB to my web host's server (just a simple
>UNIX/Apache server...not an application server)?

The short answer is no. You must have a server side agent to access a database on a web 
server. A Servlet or JSP page is the best option, but your ISP needs to support them. A last 
resort would be a cgi-script that invokes a Java command. Your ISP still needs to support a 
Java VM and configure it for you. In any case you need to write the code for the server 
agent, a substantial task.

>I have looked at and tried to tweak Ex1.htm (the applet example) and the
>appropriate class, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to
>connect to the database without a driver.

It is not designed to connect to the server. The JDBCAppl example connects to a database on 
the client machine, or a networked filesystem attached to the client. It assumes that the VM 
running the applet will run the database connection, and has all the classes (including the 
driver) in its classpath.

Peter Yuill
Objectix Pty Ltd

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