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InstantDB: Uninstalling a db or deleting a db.

For an application i've written I wrote some tests using junit that create
an instantdb.

These tests create a prp file then create the db.
Everything works fine.

However I would like my tests to clean up after themselves and delete the
I can drop the tables I create (User table) but I can't drop or delete the
index and key tables
that are created by instantdb. This is because the files seem to be locked.

I get access denied if I try to do a simple file delete.

Any clues as to whats happening?

I can provide code if necessary.
I have checked and made sure that all connections and statements are closed
before I try to 
do a file delete. Not sure why but until I exit the application totally I
can't delete those files.

I have even tried setting my connections to null and doing a system.gc()

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