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InstantDB: Bug: Wrong default dateTimeFormat in 3.25

The dateTimeFormat default listed in the documentation is
  yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss.lll  
However, the format listed in the sample.prp, and the format
used if no value is given in the database prp file is:
  yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.lll  
Note that the token for minutes is supposed to be 'nn', not
'mm', which is the token for the month.
This causes the month to appear in place of the minutes 
whenever the date is retrieved as a String, such as in the
SQLBuilder utility. 

I'm ashamed to say how much time was spent here today 
trying to figure out why the times we thought we were 
inserting into the database were not showing up correctly
when we viewed the database in SQLBuilder.

The workaround is easy: just fix the dateTimeFormat property
in the database '.prp' file, or explicitly with the 
'SET DATETIME FORMAT' command.  Of course, it should still
go on the list of things to fix in the next release :-)

Scott Plante

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