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InstantDB: InstantDB 3.5 now avaiulable.

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know, InstantDB 3.5 is now available from the usual place:

Many of you will be glad to know that, in addition to the changes listed
below, the download now contains a copy of the online documentation.

New Features

- New database property dateTimeFormat and new SQL statement:
- Date and time formats and currency symbols can now be defined on a per
column basis during table creation.
- DBBrowser and SQLBuilder have had all hard coded strings removed and
placed in ResourceBundles for easy future internationalisation.

Bug fixes

- Boolean parameters in PreparedStatements caused a ClassCastException
during expression evaluation. Fixed.
- ON DELETE... and ON UPDATE... could not be specified as table constraints.
- Multiple WHERE conditions could sometimes execute the wrong inequality
comparisons. Fixed.
- ALTER TABLE would fail and corrupt system tables if a column was added as
NOT NULL but with no DEFAULT value. Fixed.
- Multiple writing threads waiting for an existing writer, could wake up
when the write lock was freed, grab multiple read locks and then would
deadlock each other until the transaction timeout out. Read locks for
writers are now not grabbed until the write lock is also guaranteed.
- Timestamps used floating point arithmetic to set second and millisecond
values. This was subject to floating point rounding errors. Fixed.
- Scrollable results sets required a moveToInsertRow() call before every
insertRow() call. However, multiple calls to insertRow() should be allowed
after only a single call to moveToInsertRow(). Fixed.
- Updating of non-key fields in a parent table being referenced by a child
would be denied if the non-key field was not cached. Fixed.




Peter Hearty               
Lutris Technologies (UK)

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