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Re: InstantDB: Handling Date types

Hi, Terry --

I'll speak a bit to the java side of things, and let
others speak about any InstantDB-specific issues:

java.sql.Date is a thin wrapper around java.util.Date,
and *only* uses the date portion -- the time portion is
discarded.  Similarly, java.sql.Time is a thin wrapper
around java.util.Date that discards the date portion,
while keeping the time portion.  If you want true
datetime, you need to use the java.sql.Timestamp data
type, which keeps both date and time portions.

Hope this helps,
Bill Graham

Quoting Terry Steichen <>:

> I'm interfacing with IDB via a DODS-generated layer. 
When I create a > java.sql.Date object and store it in a
DATE type field, when I retrieve > it I can only extract
the date itself - the time appears to be hardcoded > to
12:00 pm.  

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