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InstantDB: InstantDB's Licensing and Open Source Status

Hi Peter,
My curiosity is piqued on two points.  The first pertains to InstantDB licnesing.  You've made it very clear in a coupleof recent e-mails that anyone has the right to use and even redistribute InstantDB, as long as that includes an acknowledgement of Lutris' ownership (and other small details).  However, on the web site, the official Lutris statement is "check with us for licensing details".  Why doesn't Lustris just update the website to be consistent with your rather clear and unambiguous licensing explanation?
The second part of my curiosity pertains to open-source plans.  Lutris (and you) have stated that this is planned.  Yet there are a number of folks who have asked for more details and - curiously - their requests remains unanswered (which is rather strange for this list).  Why is that (or better, what are Lutris' plans in this regard)?
Perhaps I'm a bit jaded by my memory of Lutris' strange initial effort to shift XMLC away from open-source and into a proprietary status.  For those who were 'around' at that time, this created quite a furor, till Lutris eventually backed off.  I don't imagine anything like that is afoot, but a little clarification would be most welcome.
Terry Steichen