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InstantDB: RE: IDB Driver problems

Ok folks,

To re-state my problem:

When trying to set the Enhydra database manager from a servlet (ie. actually
instantiating an Enhydra application object), I get an error message
indicating that the idbDriver is not found (even though it's in the Servlets
web-inf/lib directory, and if I manually try to instantiate the driver class
it works just fine).

Ok, now here's what I've found after a day of investigation:

1. I've verified my database is fully functional and working (so I know IDB
is not the problem)

2. I've added idb.jar to my enhydra classpath and now it works.

This seems to indicate that when trying to startup the Enhydra app manually,
it's using the system classloader (which knows nothing about the servlet and
it's /lib directory) instead of the servlet classloader. Peter Darrah
mentioned in an email that he seems to recall hearing something about JDBC
drivers needing to be loaded by the system classloader. Can anyone

In the short term, I think I can move forward by just adding it to my
enhydra classpath, but ultimately I'd like to figure out how to access from
the Servlet web-inf's /lib directory. I'm guessing the problem is somewhere
either in Enhydra or Tomcat, but I'm not fully sure how to proceed...

Any suggestions or insights welcome!

Thanks much,

Christian Cryder
Software Engineer, Rocks
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
       "What a great time to be a Geek"
------------------------------------------------ ~

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