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InstantDB: Newbie confused on install of InstantDB

I am brand new to Java, but know VB6.0 inside out. I want to convert a
database app using MS Access to Java with InstantDB. I'm on a Windows 98
platform with Sun JDK 2 SE (1.3)

I read the InstantDB install instructions and I'm really confused.

1. What do I download from: .... (the JDBC
Data Access API). Do I get the 2.1 extensios, the 3.0 or the 2.1 Optonal????
Where do I put them.... what directory???

2. Where do I install (unzip) the to?

3. We have not entered a Classpath in the autoexec.bat yet as we have not
needed it (so far). What exactly is the command we should use for InstantDB
to work:

set classpath =.;xxxx;xxxxx ????

I know you are used to dealing with a higher level of Java knowlege, so I
apologize for being so dense. Any help would be appreciated. And if I may be
so bold, may I politely suggest that perhaps the install docs need to be
amplified just a wee bit for idiots like me (and the rest of us who want to
abandon the MS flagship and who are starting to climb aboard the boat to

Thanks. I'll check back here soon and hope that somoene will be able to help
me out.

Al Canton
Adams-Blake Publishing
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